Warehouse Management System For Microsoft Dynamics Gp Notes

Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Consignment with intensive Barcode scanning automation usually requires business logic specific and customizable add-on for you Corporate ERP application.  In this publication we are reviewing solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as Great Plains Dynamics and eEnteprise) coded in Great Plains Dexterity with MS Stored Procedures.  Module is powerful and flexible and could be further modified if required

1. Purchase Receiving.  Supports receiving against POs in Dynamics GP via wireless handheld scanners, labels auto-generation.  Lot numbers are captured by scanners during the receiving process.  Receiving transaction auto-generated in Dynamics GP.  It supports generating PO receipts directly from electronic files for mass receiving

2. Inventory Management.  Module supports site-to-site transfer transactions or bin-to-bin inventory moves; handle stock counts via barcode scanners; assign multiple barcodes to items in Dynamics GP using the barcode scanner

3. Sales Order Fulfillment.  Solution supports picking in batch or on an order-by-order basis. It generate route pick sheets, route delivery sheets and loading instructions.  Active Dashboard allows managers to monitor each scanner.  We support auto-generation of shipping labels containing customer information and order references, also printing labels with appropriate Lot numbers.  Lot numbers can be auto-generated or provided by the manufacturer

4. Technology. Barcode scanners upload their batches or online readings into Dynamics GP via custom Dexterity screens, procedures, tables.  Microsoft Dexterity is GP user interface core technology – it allows you to create screens within the same security realm and these screens have the look and feel, similar to standard Dynamics GP windows (icons, colors, scrolling windows, menus, etc.)

5. Targeted Clientele. Warehouse Management extension is targeted to mid-size and large organizations with extensive and demanding warehouse automation via barcoding with required integration to Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP system.  Solution is available Worldwide, where Dynamics GP is localized, including Middle East, Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Mexico, Latin America and Caribbean basin

6. Similar functionality for other mid-market ERP applications, such as SAP Business One.  SB1 has similar extension, supported by Alba Spectrum M2D2 alliance.  SAP B1 is localized for broader range of countries, including Brazil, Russia, Germany, China, India, Korea, Japan

7. For additional info, please call us: 1-866-528-0577, internationally 1-630-961-5918,  or email us help@albaspectrum.com

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum Group, http://www.albaspectrum.com help@albaspectrum.com 1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918, serving GP customers USA and Canada Nationwide: California, Minnesota, New York, Quebec, Ontario, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Virginia, Florida, new Mexico, Iowa, Indiana, Alaska, Hawaii. Local service is available in Houston/Dallas: Richmond, Rosenberg, Katy, Galveston, Sugar Land; in Chicago: Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, Batavia, Downers Grove, Schaumburg, Rockford, Elgin, Crystal Lake, Joliet, Hinsdale, Lisle, Montgomery, Oswego

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