Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project – Walkthrough

Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project - Walkthrough

Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project (STHOSP) is a ROM hack of Sonic 1 for Sega Mega Drive with open source code that OuricoDoido has done, the hack has several new features in relation the original game:

– Now each level has four acts
– Each levels have new design
– You can play with the Sonic or with the Tails, each with their own skills
– The transformations of Super and Hyper is accessible for both characters
– Monitors ‘S’ and monitors Eggman reprogrammed, now monitors Eggman cause damages and monitors ‘S’ transforms the character in Hyper and add 50 rings
– Mode “ITEM S ONLY”, where all monitors become monitors of the type ‘S’
– New songs, including one for each boss, act and special stage
– Sound driver for PCM musics, single music of the game in PCM is the number B7 in the sound test, Canterbury Plains of Top Gear 2
– Time Attack edited only for levels
– Support for SRAM, which allows save the game and the Time Attack
– Different palettes
– Some menus of the Sonic 2
– The rings counter is not reset between acts
– Original Mode with levels and músics of Sonic 1
– Removed the spike bug (bug that makes the Sonic, with invulnerability, die if do not have rings or lose rings if have, when is struck by a spike)
– In the question of dynamic of fluids was added to Hack the Sonic Boom and Super Cavitation

Video Rating: 4 / 5

21 Commentsto Sonic The Hedgehog Open Source Project – Walkthrough

  1. bfgamers hd says:

    Тебе не надоело в Соника играть?

  2. Edgar Slam says:

    You can’t just play random music from a random past sonic game for a random
    stage! It makes it look as cheap and tacky as those special attacks! A piss
    poor hack.
    Love YOU though, Razor.

  3. Wyldfyre says:

    Can someone link me the image of Sonic jumping with his flaming fist that’s
    in the thumbnail?

  4. Tails Doll says:

    It’s strange, but i think i saw “Hot Trap” act 3 layout in other hacks. But
    maybe it’s just me…

  5. FireKAT91 says:

    Could someone please tell me the name of the tune for Magic Forest Act 3?
    Thanks in advance.

  6. Zent 54 says:

    Is it me or Sonic has the flame Shoryuken?

  7. Mᴏɴᴏᴄʜʀᴏᴍᴇ Mɪx says:

    This hack looks miserable.

  8. TrueSolunar says:

    Tails: Sonic, can I have some pound cake?

    Sonic: No, you can’t!!!

  9. Hooby Dooby says:

    Special stage 5: GUMBALL MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Sleiva Dave says:

    Где еще играет музыка в lost city zone act 1

  11. Thomas Kain says:

    This is the speed we need!

  12. Sleiva Dave says:

    А в какой зоне играет песня на lost city act 1

  13. Zent 54 says:

    Hot Trap Zone Act 1 music is Big Bear’s theme from Fatal Fury 2!

  14. Nicolas René says:

    Also lol at Super-Mega-Hyper-Ultra-Extremely-Fast hilltop zone music at hot
    trap part 2

  15. brunobelz says:

    Enough roms for Sonic 1

  16. Pookie Power says:

    These goddamn flaming jump punchs and sounds and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  17. Eurasia M says:

    Item S only mode, sonic, final destination. Beastly rule set

  18. Matias Zuran says:

    how i put the options?

  19. Spidersubzero1 says:

    00:42 Shoryuken!!

  20. Nicolas René says:

    I have foreseen the future later sonic games will have 1.000 acts each zone

  21. Jparodyy says:

    Sonic learned Fire punch?! Lol dope! Downloading now…

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