Legal audit in migalhas website: the road towards institutionalizing it

Legal audit in migalhas website: the road towards institutionalizing it

Product Description
This book is another materialization of the great effort by the renowned lawyer Jayme Vita Roso to illustrate hypothetical cases of factual situations that lead to and end in the work of the legal auditor. The nobility with which the themes have been addressed, mixing real people with imaginary hypotheses, makes the reading of such work an intellectual delight to those who treat the profession of lawyer with the care and fondness it deserves by reason of its transcendence. At the same time, to those not accustomed to the legal field, the importance, in the post-modern world, of relationships, business transactions and representations in the world of business, or even in the political arena, has makes legal auditing a precious lever toward effective governance through indispensable transparency.

The effort that Jayme Vita Roso has made to have legal auditing instituted as a new incumbency for lawyers is well-known. In the last chapter, he describes the entire history of this struggle, which began with the proposal of his masters dissertation – Legal Auditing for a Democratic Society – and which continued with his frustrated filing before the Federal Council of Justice of the Brazilian Bar Association for the regulation of legal auditing and with his support of the bill presented by Deputy Raul Jungmann to institute legal audits. He also describes the favorable manifestations made by the Court of Ethics and Discipline I of the São Paulo Chapter of the Brazilian Bar Association and by the Inter-American Federation of Lawyers with regards the institutionalization or recognition of legal auditing, this latter institution having recommended it in a Resolution adopted at the Madrid Conference in 2004.

To all interested readers, here is one more work by Jayme Vita Roso that will enrich the healthy and necessary debate that will lead to the adoption and the regulation of legal auditing as a new and important incumbency exclusive to lawyers.

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