How To Activate BEAST MODE On Samsung Galaxy S5

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25 Commentsto How To Activate BEAST MODE On Samsung Galaxy S5

  1. PhoneBuff says:

    This is how you activate BEAST MODE on the Samsung Galaxy S5!

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  2. superssjgohan son says:

    Hey you yea you! Want to have beast mode but not have to have all of those
    consequences? No problem I’ll show you.
    Step Juan:go to a apple store or website

    Step two: buy iphone 6

    Step:3 enjoy!

  3. Dany Wings says:

    can an galaxy s4 have the same OS (looks) like this video?

  4. Christopher Ruegsegger says:

    If you take take off your car doors, the hood, the deck lid, the bumpers,
    the head lights, the seats, the AC – You’ll have less weight so you can go
    faster and you’ll be on beast mode! What an idiot.

  5. nukeclears says:

    Why people still buy the S5 if there are nexus phones.

  6. TheMoises1213 says:

    Private mode doesn’t work with ART

  7. Tevo41 says:

    Note 3 or S5?

  8. zir786 says:

    my s5 is crap the camera has stopped working 

  9. TrueRay17 says:

    Root and install/flash custom rom = True Beast-mode 

  10. BeaStMoDe On says:

    aa dats my name LOL

    u sponsored me

  11. Gigi League says:

    Having a Fustrated time YouTube lately. YouTube keeps stalling with little
    circle twirling every few seconds. It’s a Galaxy s5 how do I make this stop
    ✋. Please very upsetting & no my phone is not rooted. Plenty of space &
    memory. Sincerely I’m not Tech savvy please help me. Thank you for your
    time. Gigi 

  12. Jens Uhlmann says:

    you can also deactivate my magazine, that makes it feel a bit faster,too

  13. Enrico Maria Dal Compare says:

    There was a similar video for the SIII, that’s the proof that samsung
    didn’t improve anything

  14. DetroitBORG says:

    Awesome tutorial!

  15. MrBeastlyC says:

    Besides note 4 best phone of 2014 I’m just saying 

  16. Abdullah A.D. | عبدالله ابودهيم says:

    Thank You Bro <3

  17. Carlos Valenzuela says:

    Yes this made my s5 faster !!! Thanks bro!!

  18. Adam Preston says:

    I just saw an ebay ad with you in it +PhoneBuff on this vid

  19. Kamito Tragono says:

    what’s the different between “Dalvik and ART?”

  20. Abraham De Paz says:

    I thought beast mode only worked with my Evangelion unit 02…

  21. Laila Faisal says:

    You talk too fast !! Could you talk slower than now so we can follow you up

  22. Kyris Xian'drii says:

    there is no such thing as ‘beast mode’ on a touchwiz based rom… if you
    truly want ‘beast mode’ then you need to root + flash a custom rom, then
    overclock the cpu/gpu and voltage

  23. Tofast4ya1234 says:

    I guess beast mode isn’t just on Big Brother 

  24. DrPepper5686 says:

    You should do a speed test work beat mode on.

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