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IoT Business Transformation Manager

IoT Business Transformation Manager

IoT Business Transformation Manager. Understand vertical market strategies and business drivers. Experienced in value-selling to an executive audience within an…

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From PTC 19 hours ago

Robin Piccone Hana Sapphire High Neck Halter One Piece 152414-SAP

Robin Piccone Hana Sapphire High Neck Halter One Piece 152414-SAP

Style 152414 SAP Turn heads in the Robin Piccone Hana Sapphire High Neck One Piece This suit features lace floral detail throughout See through in the torso with an open back Features high neck halter style top open back lace see through detail in the torso full bottom
Price: 160.00 USD
Sold by: South Beach Swimsuits
Category: clothing & accessories > women > swim > one-pieces

Digital Photo Hints For Close-up And Macro Setting Pictures

Get nearer with the macro function and you’ll discover a completely new world of wonderful snapshot options directly under your nose.

Part of the attractiveness of close-ups is that you have a world of picture taking opportunities to be found, typically right beneath your nose meaning you can experiment indoors in the event the weather is possibly not very great outdoors.

Along with only a bit of inventive output, maybe the most everyday stuff could make outstanding subject matter and develop beautiful pictures.

Whenever you get close up using the macro setting, you will find a beautiful, elaborate environment of fine detail usually not seen or even disregarded by the eye.

First of all what on earth is Macro Setting? – The word macro refers to extremely close focusing on subjects which might be only a few inches or even less from you.

Just about all digital camera models have a valuable macro function which means that you can focus closer than usual. The little sensing unit dimensions as well as small-scale lenses of compact cameras have opened up the power to take photos from a very small distance making for really exciting, razor-sharp pictures.

The majority of cameras with a built-in zoom include either a Macro system mode or possibly a Macro focusing option. Both these alternatives force the camera to focus significantly nearer than usual, at times just a couple of centimeters in front of the actual lens.

In most cases indicated through a little floral image and frequently has its own option on your photographic camera physical structure.

Macro settings differ widely within their practical use. A few can easily fill the space with a coin; others fight to focus on a piece of writing paper.

You’d utilize the macro setting when the little points genuinely count, including the intricate details on jewelery or even smaller bugs like bees on a flower head.

Depending on your camera, the zoom selection will probably be restricted to broad angle configurations. You may also be required to physically specify the main focus. The camera will probably not allow you to select any changes on this fully programmed setting. For example, according to your photographic camera, it could eliminate the flash to prevent excessive brightness that can occur in intensive close-up photography.

To obtain the most out of the macro mode, I suggest that you use a tripod to avoid blur from camera shake. This can be a real dilemma and ruins numerous photographs if the digital photographer takes high magnification images.

If the digital camera is attached to the tripod, a flip-out, swiveling LCD monitor is really a huge benefit as you are able to then readjust the angle of the Liquid crystal display display to offer you a clear view of the photograph even within restricted quarters.

Did you like these digital camera tips? Interested in discovering even more Digital Camera Tips? Well now you can by Discovering this FREE Digital Photography Report…what are you waiting for?

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U Smartphone – 32 GB Built-in Memory – Wireless LAN – 4G – Bar – Onyx Black – SIM-free – 1 SIM Card Supported – Nano SIM – Android 6.0

Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U Smartphone – 32 GB Built-in Memory – Wireless LAN – 4G – Bar – Onyx Black – SIM-free – 1 SIM Card Supported – Nano SIM – Android 6.0

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is the smartphone your life can’t do without. Now it’s unlocked so you can have access to most U.S. GSM and CDMA networks. Samsung Galaxy S7 SM-G930U Smartphone – 32 GB Built-in Memory – Wireless LAN – 4G – Bar – Onyx Black – SIM-free – 1 SIM Card Supported – Nano SIM – Android 6.0 Marshmallow – Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Quad-core (4 Core) 2.15 GHz – 4 GB – microSD Supported – 5.1in. Super AMOLED 2560 x 1440 – 4K UHD -… is one of many Smartphones available through Office Depot. Made by Samsung.
Price: 1059.99 USD
Sold by: Office Depot
Category: electronics > cell phones & accessories > sim cards & tools

Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child The Heart of Parenting

Raising An Emotionally Intelligent Child The Heart of Parenting

Product Description
Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child is John Gottman’s groundbreaking guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world.

Intelligence That Comes from the Heart

Every parent knows the importance of equipping children with the intellectual skills they need to succeed in school and life. But children also need to master their emotions. Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child is a guide to teaching children to understand and regulate their emotional world. And as acclaimed psychologist and researcher John Gottman shows, once they master this important life skill, emotionally intelligent children will enjoy increased self-confidence, greater physical health, better performance in school, and healthier social relationships. Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child will equip parents with a five-step “emotion coaching” process that teaches how to:

-Be aware of a child’s emotions
-Recognize emotional expression as an opportunity for intimacy and teaching
-Listen empathetically and validate a child’s feelings
-Label emotions in words a child can understand
-Help a child come up with an appropriate way to solve a problem or deal with an upsetting issue or situation

Written for parents of children of all ages, Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child will enrich the bonds between parent and child and contribute immeasurably to the development of a generation of emotionally healthy adults. Review
In Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child, psychology professor John Gottman explores the emotional relationship between parents and children. It’s not enough to simply reject an authoritarian model of parenting, Gottman says. A parent needs to be concerned with the quality of emotional interactions. Gottman, author of Why Marriages Succeed or Fail, and coauthor Joan Declaire focus first on the parent (a “know thyself” approach), and provide a series of exercises to assess parenting styles and emotional self-awareness. The authors identify a five-step “emotion coaching” process to help teach children how to recognize and address their feelings, which includes becoming aware of the child’s emotions; recognizing that dealing with these emotions is an opportunity for intimacy; listening empathetically; helping the child label emotions; setting limits; and problem-solving. Chapters on divorce, fathering, and age-based differences in emotional development help make Gottman’s teachings detailed and useful. –Ericka Lutz

Price: $4.76

  • Simon Schuster



Please click on the following links for more information. E-Verify is an Internet based system operated by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in…

Delta Faucet Company
Jackson, TN 38305

From Masco 16 days ago

Gauges for Single and Twin Engine Aircraft

Imagine if for every app in your computer you needed a separate display screen – boggles the mind don’t it? And yet, there are a large number of single and twin engine aircraft still flying that have one display gauge per sensor type.

When these planes were manufactured, digital technology either did not exist or was at a very nascent stage. This is not the case today so unless life means little to you and you are still flying an aircraft with its cockpit loaded with dozens of dials, now is the time to upgrade.

Replace all those dials and gauges with just one, or a few (depending on your budget), modern digital gauges that efficiently take over the function of all your existing gauges. For one, the advantage is that you won’t have to constantly monitor so many different gauges (and fail miserably) and two, modern digital gauges coupled with modern sensors provide vastly more accurate information than your old gauges ever could and thirdly, the data is provided in a vastly more user-friendly way and comes with user-defined parameters.

The patented excuse that a cockpit with OEM dials and gauges looks better that the modern digital ones no longer holds true. Modern digital gauge especially the all-in-one multi-display Engine Data Management Systems (EDM ), have nice multi-coloured display and readouts that actually make your aircraft cockpit looks futuristic.

Take the EDM 930 primary for single engine aircraft (or the EDM 930 for twin engines), manufactured by J.P. Instruments as an example; coupled with fast response probes, it is fully automated and offers hands-free, automatic scanning.

It is a front panel pilot programmable; incorporates the LeanFind™ technology to find the first and last cylinder to peak with true peak detect that successfully eliminates false peaks and displays both leaned temperature below peak and peak.

It has a battery voltage with alarm Amperes (load or charge/discharge meter), programmable alarm limits, Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGTs) to stable 1°F resolution, DIF low to high EGT with alarm EGTs to stable 1°F resolution.

Shock cooling monitored on every cylinder, user selectable index rate, Non-volatile long term memory, 30-hour data storage with post-flight data retrieval.

The EDM 930 primary includes Oil pressure, Oil temperature, Outside air temperature, Fuel level, Fuel Flow, Solid-state rotor fuel flow transducer, Fuel quantity in gallons, kilograms, litres, or pounds, Low fuel quantity alarm, Low fuel time alarm, GPS interface, Instantaneous fuel flow rate, total amount of fuel consumed, total fuel remaining, time to empty at the current fuel flow rate, RPM and manifold pressure, auto percent horsepower calculation, history of extreme values during previous flight, Hobbs® timer etc.

The EDM 930 can easily replace almost every dial and EGT Gauges in your single engine aircraft. They have a similar version (EDM 960 Twin) meant for twin engine aircraft. By doing the engine monitoring for you, these new EDM’s Put the pleasure of flying back into your aircraft. It’s definitely time to upgrade !

J.P.Instruments was founded in 1986 in Huntington Beach, California, USA. J.P. Instruments is leader in aircraft engine data management systems and has added a whole line of reliable and cost effective aircraft instrumentation to its name.

Click Here For More Information : Airplane Gauges And Aircraft Gauges

Using iPhones, iPads, and iPods: A Practical Guide for Librarians (Practical Guides for Librarians)

Using iPhones, iPads, and iPods: A Practical Guide for Librarians (Practical Guides for Librarians)

Product Description
Apple Inc. has sold more than 500 million iPhones, iPads, and iPodTouches. Library patrons are increasingly coming to libraries with the expectation that their Apple devices will work flawlessly with library services—or that they can find an iPad to use at the library if they don’t have one of their own. Libraries and librarians today are expected to be adept with the latest technology and to be able to apply it to popular use as well as scholarly research.

Using iPhones and iPads: A Practical Guide for Librarians offers library professionals a clear path to Apple readiness. The authors, a librarian and a software developer at a prominent research library, combine their experience in library public services and mobile technology to provide easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to help you get up to speed on:

    • Ensuring that your library website and online resources are iDevice-friendly
    • Creating a custom app for your library and making it available in iTunes
    • Starting an iPad lending program
    • Using iDevices for librarianship and library work
    • Assessing and advertising iDevice programs
    • Acquiring, configuring, and deploying iDevices to users
    • Recommended apps that can help you and your users

Whether you work at a large academic institution or a small public library, this book will show you how to become iDevice-literate quickly and easily.

Price: $32.67

    The Future of Augmented Reality

    The Future of Augmented Reality

    Visit the Hidden Creative website

    A video demonstrating the possible future uses of mobile augmented reality and computer vision.

    If you are interested in learning more about how augmented reality and digital marketing can help your organisation or campaign you should review our free series of augmented reality guides. These guides are focus on the techniques and practicalities associated with the technology and will give you an insight on how augmented reality can be used effectively.

    You can download the guides for free by visiting the addresses below:

    Augmented reality marketing strategies: the how to guide for marketers is available here

    Sales Technology: Selling With Augmented Reality is available here:

    If you have any questions please feel free to call us on +44 0161 236 8181 or contact us via email at

    INGERSOLL-RAND 95LA3 Air Digger,1850 BPM,47.0 CFM

    INGERSOLL-RAND 95LA3 Air Digger,1850 BPM,47.0 CFM

    Air Digger, Shank Size 1 x 4-1/4 In, Piston Stroke 4 In, Piston Bore 1-11/16 In, 1850 Blows per Minute, 47.0 CFM @ Full Load, Required Pressure 90 psi, Air Inlet 3/8 In. NPT, Min. Hose Size 1/2 In, Overall Length 21-7/8 In, D-Grip Handle Type, Latch Retainer TypeFeaturesBlows per Minute: 1850Handle Type: D-GripItem: Air DiggerOverall Length: 21-7/8″Retainer Type: LatchCFM @ Full Load: 47.0Shank Size: 1 x 4-1/4″Required Pressure: 90 psiAir Inlet: 3/8″ NPTPiston Bore: 1-11/16″Piston Stroke: 4″Min. Hose Size: 1/2
    Price: 1020.27 USD
    Sold by: Walmart US
    Category: tools & home improvement > power & hand tools > power tool accessories > air tool accessories