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Technical Support Representative – SWING SHIFT

Technical Support Representative – SWING SHIFT

From e-commerce to mobile wallets and chip card acceptance, Elavon helps businesses, small and large, accept all payment types – and reap the benefits at the…

Elavon Merchant Services
Englewood, CO 80112

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Business Persuasive Speech

There are different types of persuasive speech. For instance, business persuasive speech and music. Students are supposed to write persuasive speech as part of their assignments. Most students experience various challenges when writing speech. For instance, the students find it hard to select the right topic. Students are required to select a topic that is easy so as to be able to write the speech well. The kind of topic the students select determines the quality of the paper.

Instructors grade the persuasive speech according to how they are written. So, students should be able to choose an easy topic so as to be able to write quality work. They should also be able to state the content of the speech well. In addition, the students are required to include the right references and format the speech accordingly. Most students are not able to reference the persuasive speech using the right referencing style. Students can use a wide range of writing styles when writing their persuasive speech. For example, the students can use MLA,APA and Chicago. Only a small percentage of the students are aware of the writing style.

A large section of the students buy persuasive speech from firms that offer speech writing services. The stude3nts are motivated by various things to buy persuasive speech. For instance, they are assured of getting quality persuasive speech from the companies. They motivated by the cost and the delivery time to get persuasive speech from the companies. A firm offering speech writing services should have the following characteristics. First, the company should be able to offer customized speeches. The company should be able to customize the speech according to the needs of the customers. Different clients need different types of speech and so the company should be able to offer different types of speech. For instance, the company should be able to offer business persuasive speech.

Moreover, the company should have experienced speech writers so as to be able to offer persuasive speech. The writers should have more than five years experience in speech writing so as to provide professional services.

The experience the writers have determines the kind of work they are able to offer. For instance, writers who have less one year experience might not be able to offer persuasive speech. This is because the writers might not be able to state the content of the speech well and develop it. They might not be able to write speech that is not plagiarized. On the other hand, writers who have more than five years experience are able to choose the best topic and develop it according to the requirements of the client. Also, the writers are able to produce non plagiarized speech and hence persuasive speech. So, the company should be keen when hiring speech writers to avoid negative effects. Additionally, the writers should be familiar with the writing styles that are needed to write persuasive speech. For example, they should be able to use MLA, APA and any other writing style when writing speech. The writers should be able to follow the instructions given so as to avoid revisions and ensure the clients are satisfied with the quality of work. Lastly, the company should be able to offer business speech at the right time to promote good performance among the learners.

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How to master Asana with Paul Minors (Asana consultant)

How to master Asana with Paul Minors (Asana consultant)


Asana is a fantastic tool for teams and individuals to manage tasks and targets. In this video, Paul Minors gives us the lowdown on how he uses Asana to conquer his productivity every single day. Paul is a very productive individual running a lifestyle blog and a full-time job and other work too. He’s launched a travel vlog and has embarked on a 6-month adventure with his partner to explore the world.

Paul’s Asana tips are really helpful and will help you guide your long terms and short term goals, using all of it’s features.

Need help with Asana? Book a free 30-minute introductory call with Paul:

Paul Minors:
Paul’s awesome blog:
New Travel Vlog:


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My name is Francesco.

I’m a student based in the South West of the UK, I also work with FlashSticks and Newton Mail with their marketing teams. I’m mad about technology – especially apps and software.

I’ve been on YouTube since 2014. I’ve been making videos about how to use productivity tools and resources.

The mission has really been to create handy tools for anyone to use to understand and implement a tool, with some extra support thrown in. I don’t believe productivity tools can solve your organization problem, but equipping you with the right ones can put you one step further.

Drop me a tweet anytime, I’m pretty open to tech conversations: @francescod_ales

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Sim Free Mobile Phones Use Same Handset With Different Sim Cards

With a fixed network you can get several offers from contract deals but if you are not comfortable with that then you better go for SIM free mobile phones. These types of phones are gaining popularity these days. Teenagers and those who travel constantly find these deals in tune with your requirements as well. If you are a massive user of phone deals then contract deals will be perfect for you. These are beneficial for those who do not like to fall in the hazards of making repeated recharges with top up cards and like to pay bills at the end of every month. With that you can get range of interesting offers like offers of free calls and heavy discounts on call rates as well. Moreover, there are offers of free gifts like laptops, LCD TVs, gaming consoles and others as well.

There are several deal types like pay as you go deals and here you pay in advance to get talk time and when you finish you can go for top us with refill cards and with that you can keep check on phone bills as well. But you can not get that in case of SIM free deals. In case of SIM free mobile phones you can change SIM cards and with that you easily can get connected with several network companies. These deals are very beneficial for travels.

There are many people who need to travel for the sake of their jobs and for them roaming charges can be problems but with these deals they can easily shift to a local SIM card when they are traveling outdoors. With that they will use the same handset and still get connected with a new network. In this way one can easily get these deals and use that for flexible use of mobile phones. So, compare Sim Free Mobile Phones online and get one for you.

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web scale computing

web scale computing
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Daniel Caesar

Daniel Caesar
Daniel Caesar

$22.00- $28.00 (plus fees)
7:00pm – All Ages
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starting on 2017-12-19 19:00:00

The Danforth Music Hall
147 Danforth Ave.
M4K 1N2 Toronto

Simple Upkeep Of Synthetic Grass

Effortless and timesaving upkeep of synthetic grass proves to be one of the main benefits that many homeowners, businesses, landscapers, and athletes have come to enjoy. Such an investment has a relatively quick return on investment, thus making it cost effective in the long run. Manual labor is cut down significantly, including watering, mowing, and weeding. With labor cut, bills are also reduced, saving a large amount of money over the course of a few years. In a time when many are busy at work and finances are rough due to the economy, synthetic grass is the ultimate solution to conservation.

For many states that undergo crucial droughts and strict requirements for lawn watering, synthetic turf is significantly helpful. Approximately one hour of watering an average household lawn constitutes a total of 220 gallons of water, which can equate to over 30,000 gallons of water a year. A significant part of what contributes to household water bills is simple lawn watering. Synthetic grass does not require a single drop of water, thus enabling households to save on bills and conserve resources. Artificial grass lawns have allowed households to completely get rid of its dependence on water in order to have a healthy looking yard.

Synthetic grass’ drainage system is uniquely designed to automatically drain liquids that come in contact with it. A highly perforated and permeable backing allows turf to filter water through easily, from all angles, horizontally and vertically. Thus, no water collects in the surface or threatens the composition of artificial turf when coming into contact with it. This even includes pet urine, which does not harm synthetic grass whatsoever.

Maintaining the best look of synthetic grass requires making sure that large particles and debris are consistently removed from the surface of the turf. This includes leaves, twigs, and other small objects that have the ability to get stuck in between the blades of artificial turf. Simply manually removing such debris will help to keep the blades natural looking and healthy in appearance. While rain is a natural aid to helping clean off debris, a hose can be used for a few minutes to help remove debris easily. When grass blades seem to not stand up as straight, a brush with hard bristles can be used to brush the blades upright once again. Brushing from one side to the other can help to keep the blades upright.

Making sure that certain harmful liquids do not come into contact with synthetic grass is crucial to maintaining it. Liquids such as grease, oil, and acid can be detrimental to the composition of artificial grass. They can alter the tint and color if coming into contact with turf. If minor stains or dirt occur on the surface of the turf, simple household cleaners may be used to clean off stains. With no need for watering, mowing, weeding, or fertilizing, synthetic grass’ upkeep is much more effortless than that of a natural grass lawn. Such minimal maintenance allows households and businesses to save precious time and money on their lawns.

MyTigerTurf is a worldwide manufacturer of artificial turf and sport fields for recreation and landscaping. With distribution in all 6 major continents, they produce the highest quality synthetic grass for homes, business, and sports.



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Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!

Apple AirPods Review: Fully Wireless!

AirPods: fully wireless earbuds that launched with iPhone 7. The hype is over… are they any good?

Jaybird X3 Review:

Video Gear I use:
Intro Track: 22 (shawn wasabi bootleg)


Apple iPhone 7 plus 256GB – Rose Gold

Apple iPhone 7 plus 256GB – Rose Gold

iPhone 7 Plus dramatically improves the most important aspects of the iPhone experience. It introduces advanced new camera systems. The best performance and battery life ever in an iPhone. Immersive stereo speakers. The brightest most colorful iPhone display. Splash and water resistance. And it looks every bit as powerful as it is. This is iPhone 7 Plus.
Price: 1199.00 USD
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