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How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business | #AskMichael 2

How To Start A Social Media Marketing Business | #AskMichael 2

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In this video I am discussing a question by one of my followers. Her question is:

“How to get clients to manage their social media. Maybe talk about your experience and the steps you took to set up a social media agency? I ask this because Tai Lopez is doing a few video on this.”

So basically she wanted to know how to start a social media marketing business and how to get people to buy her services.

It’s a pretty complicated question since there are so many factors to consider. You skills, the way you set things up, how to get
traffic etc.

Hope you enjoyed this video on how to start a social media marketing business! If you liked the video please give it a like and be sure to subscribe to my channel.

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Writing Good Content For Your Website – The Basics

When promoting a business online, odd gimmicks and flashy videos don’t do the job well in the long run. If you really want to get recognized and taken seriously, be aware that the top search engines are looking for good content writing. There is nothing wrong with a video or image, but nothing takes the place of good, readable content that’s search engine rich and people find informative.

Writing your content well will make the difference in how your website will rank on the search engine page. Clever content management systems will make it easier to construct words and sentences to increase visibility to the search engines. It is very important to make sure that your grammar and spelling are correct, as your page content will be checked out by the search engines. They actually have writing filters. To get your site to the top of the search results, writing well is critical.

Should you feel that your writing skills are lacking, the employ of a professional writer would be in your best interest. At least someone who can proofread your copy and knows the rules of grammar and spelling. However, before any writing begins, you must first plan out what you want communicated to your target audience, your time of delivery, and the expected responses. Strategize on what you intend to say and how you want to say it.

It is said that it takes 90 days to form a habit, good or bad. One good habit to form when it comes to your writing, is having someone available to check your spelling and grammar for any content you write. Even when adding or changing content, have someone follow-up after you. Most times, no matter how much you read over it, there is always something you’ve missed.

To make the rules easier to follow, first write your content in the latest version of Microsoft Word or your favorite word processor. Preferably one that can automatically check your spelling and grammar. However, nothing can replace a person who can actually proof your work. You want unique, well-written content.

Include links within your content that will direct your audience to other parts of your site. Make it easy for them to navigate, getting to more of your well-written content. When a searcher can find what he wants on your site with the minimum amount of clicks, he or she will more than likely return to your site and refer others. If your business is about umbrellas, but you don’t mention the word “umbrella” in your content with a link to another page, your site may find it more difficult to get ranked well. This may seem like a ridiculous example, but your written content should be relevant to what you’re offering so the search engines know what to rank you for.

Websites that consistently get top rankings among search engines have a few things in common:

1. The text is arranged in a scannable fashion. This is very important, as not everyone will read your content. By breaking up the content by sub-headings or using words that stand out, searchers can easily scan your content and find what they want. Long drawn out paragraphs will only make them look elsewhere.

2. Keywords are made to standout by using a different font, or by making them bold or in headlines.

3. Titles are made clear by communicating what is meant without using cliches or puns.

4. Paragraphs are short and sweet, focusing on one idea.

5. No fluffy, inflated sales language. Stay down to earth and get to the point.

By lending yourself to time and practice, you will learn how to write quality web content that people will want to read, come back for more of and importantly share with others. The sharing part will help you rank well in the search engines as more and more people link to your quality content.

This article was written by Lee Samson who runs Samson Web Design, a web design company and search engine optimisation company based in Sussex, UK. If you are looking for web design or SEO advice or a quotation for any web based project get in touch using the link above.
If you want quality content for your website or blog on this subject visit our web design articles page on our blog.


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Website-Optimizing Solutions

Website-Optimizing Solutions
The ‘Trim’ platform makes it possible to audit your website and utilize advanced analytics to know just how your content is performing to ensure things are running as smoothly as possible at all times. ‘Trim’ works by simply having websites connected and …
News story posted on 2017-05-24T05:50:00

Google Analytics

Google Analytics
Searches that netted
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Multi-platform: marketing on the Internet of things / The Big Rethink US

Multi-platform: marketing on the Internet of things / The Big Rethink US

The Big Rethink US 2015
March 5th / New York, NY

The rapid expansion of mobile and connected devices will forever change marketing by exponentially increasing the places where marketers and advertisers can reach consumers. What are the opportunities and challenges to this flood of new platforms and channels—and how can CMOs keep up with the daily device revolution?

Andy Hobsbawm
Founder and chief marketing officer, EVRYTHING

Howard Pyle
Vice-president, worldwide developer marketing, IBM

Charlotte Howard
Marketing correspondent, The Economist

Fitness Tracker, OtiumIP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Pedometer Tracker Sports Bracelet Wireless Activity Wristband Sleep Monitor Remote Camera with Steps Counter

Fitness Tracker, OtiumIP67 Waterproof Bluetooth Smart Watch Pedometer Tracker Sports Bracelet Wireless Activity Wristband Sleep Monitor Remote Camera with Steps Counter

Product Description

Otium – Focusing on Your Personal Smart Life

Main Features

Sync your phone’s 12/24 hour format, date and week display, and battery indicator. Low power consumption, using time for 8 days.

Record your activities, suchs step counting, distance, calorie burn tracking and sleep tracker.

Wireless pedometer, accurate bracelet records steps taken and distance covered. Multi-exercise mode will provide optional exercise, statistics movement quantity and speed.

GPS Motion (requiring phone GPS)£¬connecting the Smart watch with your phone, via phone GPS, smart wristband app can display GPS movement trajectory.

Reminding of bracelet

Phone calls remind: IOS, Android smartphone calls remind, will display the phone number and caller ID.

Message remind: Receive Wechat, QQ, SMS etc., message remind and show the detail.(Tips: The wristband may just show the newest message instead of all.)

Anti-lost remind, also reminding for alarm clock, long time sitting and self-defining items.

Sleep Monitor

Display your sleeping time, deep sleep and shallow sleep time. Use the APP to record sleep quality data, analyze data and gain a periodic assessment of sleep.

Broad Compatibility

Apple, IOS 7.0 or above, such as: iPhone6,6s,5s,5,4s etc.

Android 4.3 or Above, such as: HTC, LG Nexus 5, Meizu M1, Huawei, Motorola etc.

Bluetooth 4.0 or above

About APP

Download the App by scanning the QR code, or search the keyword ¡°smart wristband¡± from Google and APP Store. (Data synchronize to APP could be save for 7 days.)


Please do not wearing it to soak in hot water.

Please charge the bracelet before you use.

Wake up the screen by turn wrist or click the button.

Price: $9.99

  • Showerproof Bluetooth Watch – IP67 rated rubber smart bracelet Designed according to waterproof and dustproof standard: Swimming, diving, take a cold shower, washing your hands or getting caught in the rain will not damage your watch.
  • Sports Bracelet – This Smart Watch Wristband supports Sports Tracking:Pedometer, Distance, Calorie;Sleep Tracking:sleeping time, sleeping quality;Set fitness goals;Multiple movement pattern:Swimming mode ,Bicycle-riding mode ,Running mode, Rope skipping, Sit-ups, Jumping jacks, Treadmill;
  • Reminder Functions – Anti-lost Reminder, Alarm Clock Reminder, Wechat Sport Rank, Call Reminder (Caller ID), Message Reminder:SMS, QQ, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Line, Skype, WhatsApp etc.,
  • Remote Camera & Video – Smart Sports Bracelet Band can remote control your phone’s music via bluetooth, you can play music and switch forward or backward, take photos or shoot video via controlling this Sports Wristband and “Smart Wristband” APP.
  • Built-in Six Axis Sensor – Touch Screen Smart Band has built-in six axis sensor rather than three, which can obtain accurate data for sports tracking. Warranty & guarantee for the orders which were finished by Otium. 24 hours email customer service response.

[(His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass/The Subtle Knife/The Amber Spyglass )] [Author: Philip Pullman] [Sep-2007]

[(His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass/The Subtle Knife/The Amber Spyglass )] [Author: Philip Pullman] [Sep-2007]

Price: $113.50

    Interactive Media Wall at Boston Children’s Hospital

    Interactive Media Wall at Boston Children’s Hospital

    UConn researchers designed an interactive media wall for the lobby of Boston Children’s Hospital. It is a place where physically and emotionally challenged children can take control of the visual space around them. Experts in digital media, child psychology, human behavior, and several disciplines of computer science and engineering contributed to the development of the installation.