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Salesforce.com Consultant

Salesforce.com Consultant

Salesforce certifications a plus. Proficient with Salesforce Mobile applications:. Proficient at programming and configuring the Salesforce platform;…

Apar Technologies Inc
Atlanta, GA

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MacAddict February 2003 w/CD Inside Mac OS X Server, How to Fix Funked-Up Photos, Use Jaguar to Share Internet Connections, Create Perfect PDFs, Find Files Faster, Will IBM’s New PowerPC chip Blast Past the G4

MacAddict February 2003 w/CD Inside Mac OS X Server, How to Fix Funked-Up Photos, Use Jaguar to Share Internet Connections, Create Perfect PDFs, Find Files Faster, Will IBM’s New PowerPC chip Blast Past the G4

Product Description
CD includes Tom Clancy’s ghost Recon Demo, Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast Demo, Adobe InDesign 2.0 30-Day Free Tour

    Wireless Connections for Companies

    In every business, an internet connection is required. An internet connection is crucial to all forms of business since it allows a company to connect with the world. The internet provides a whole list of opportunities for small businesses and it also allows large companies to grow larger and to be more stable. One of the ways in which the World Wide Web can help a business is through the realms of advertising. Most companies applied the use of the net in order to advertise their products as well as to sell their commodities to web surfers. Today, around 70 to 80 percent of the business world is using the net for advertising purposes. Most of these businesses also use the net in order to share information to their smaller branches through the use of databases and virtual private networks. These forms of connections allow various files to be transferred from one computer to another.

    The internet is also a source of information for any business that is why it is important for any company to have its own high speed connection.  For example, if a company wants to send their daily sales report to their main office, they would just connect through their database. However, a database as well as a virtual private network should always be protected in order to prevent any unauthorized viewings. Most people would often target such connections in order to obtain sensitive information from a company as well as to manipulate any data stored in their system. In order to prevent this from happening, technicians should always secure their connections through the use of various encryption applications and strong passwords. This is also applicable with wireless connections since they are more prone to intrusions and other infections.

    The internet also provides information on new business trends as well as the rules set out by various government offices. Since such laws imposed by the government can affect the sales as well as the taxes of various companies, it is important for such companies to always be connected on the net. Stocks can also be viewed on the net so it is important for a company to always share their standings so that their stock holders would always be updated. In order to connect various computers in the office, companies can use a wireless connection. This type of connection would save a lot of money for any company since they would not need a router every 100 yards.

    The internet would also be a great source for employees since there are websites that are made for employee management and hiring. Some sites would even provide a comprehensive list of freelancers for various tasks. If a company requires some paperwork to be done or they would need a website, they can hire a freelancer for the job. The internet provides a lot of business opportunities for all types of companies so it is important for a company to have its own wireless connection as well as a virtual private network.

    Are you looking for the best wireless connection? Visit www.skysignals.com today for more information!

    IBUonline cares the real effect of a B2B portal

    IBUonline cares the real effect of a B2B portal

    The development of B2B (business to business) portal has formed a model, which places inquiry in the dominant position, the quantity of inquiry judge the valuable degree of the portal. However, things don’t start as smooth as expected. An inquiry is far from a real order. Many other factors are also involved in it. An order can be affected by price, negotiation skills, product quality, market situation etc. Sometimes the inquiry you receive from the portal is something like a piece of ads or irrelevant product or service provided by your company. Such spam information has been flooding in current main stream B2B portal for a certain period of time. Investors begin to doubt the real effect that brought from an inquiry orientated B2B portal.


    Right at this time,

    IBUonline launches the proposalof vertical B2B marketplace, which cares the real effect of inquiry taken to customers. Not only can IBUonline help China suppliers explore oversea market but also helpglobal buyers march into China. You can manage your own business through old model, using inquiry from IBUonline as a breakpoint, and it is completely free of charge on IBUonline. In case of trouble you may come across in international business, professional staff of IBUonline will always be available. It abandons the old model of B2B portal, looking for buyers and suppliers match most instead. In this way, much time will be saved to focus on the practical appliance for global buyers and product quality improvement for China suppliers.


    It is the time to change current tough status of your company or business. Great chance won’t stop its moving step. A scarce opportunity to stimulate your business shows just in front of you. Are you ready to experience the wonderful service from IBUonline? Register a free member first and fast.


    As the unique global one-stop & two-way B2B marketplace, IBU is designed and published by Shenzhen IBU Co., Ltd, which formerly named as Hotnewnet Trading Co., Ltd and has been engaged in international trade for almost 10 years and served thousands of enterprises in the field of FPC, LED, Electronics, Building Material and Home Furnishing etc, always devoted to offer superior qualified and effective foreign trade services for companies throughout the world.

    IBU is more than an international business platform; we not only connect global buyers and suppliers, but also participate in the whole process of international trade, provide a series of practical services (off the platform) to greatly enhance the efficiency of global trade. Working with us, you can benefit from the real one-stop service for the first time.

    Server Engineer

    Server Engineer

    HP, DELL, IBM. Equalogic, Powervault, Netapp, IBM, Falconstor, Dell MD, 3Par, EMC. Windows Server Administration/Support – Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Exchange…

    New York, NY

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    Sharepoint 2010 Ribbon Menu

    Sharepoint 2010 Ribbon Menu
    SharePoint Server 2010 is the trending topic these days. And when talking about SharePoint 2010, how can I miss to mention one of the most valuable interface changes provided in it, i.e., the new Ribbon Menu. SharePoint Ribbon Menu is a contextual interface that allows users to execute any action related to ribbon controls depending upon the context the user is currently dealing with. Simply put, Ribbon Menu helps to add or replace buttons, groups, tabs or even the whole ribbon. You also remove the custom button from the ribbon. However the designers and web developers, who until now were quite comfortable with designing master pages for SharePoint Server, are somewhat puzzled now with this thing called Ribbon Menu in the middle of their page. But theres nothing to get confused about because the SharePoint 2010 API allows developers to extend and customize the ribbon using SharePoint features on site/site collection level.
    There are several types of controls which can be deployed to SharePoint Ribbon, which are as follows:
    The above given controls can be collected for usability purposes to containers such as Group and Tab. Consequently, it is possible to add controls with custom functionality not only to existing containers, but deploy new tabs and groups, and then add necessary controls to them. However, any ribbon customization should be mounted within XML in-feature declaration.
    If you have deployed some ribbon customization XML and later have to provide some changes into it then it might be necessary to change the Feature ID for SharePoint feature where your customization belongs. For simple modifications (i.e. changing button titles, image URLs, etc.) this is not necessary, but if you change the Feature ID, every time you change anything in XML, it might save a lot of time and effort.
    To conclude, the Ribbon is a new concept with SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Foundation 2010, and another advance over Microsoft Office SharePoint server. Also do not forget the free SharePoint web parts or templates that come with SharePoint.

    Adrian Gates (adrian@apps4rent.com) is a Business Manager with Apps4Rent; which offers Microsoft Exchange Hosting, Windows SharePoint Services, SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Server 2010, and virtual dedicated servers.

    Vantage compliance demo for IBM Sametime and Connections

    Vantage compliance demo for IBM Sametime and Connections

    2013 recording

    aOS Aachen December 1st, 2017

    aOS Aachen December 1st, 2017
    Die aOS Community (steht für Azure, Office 365 und SharePoint) lädt Sie am 1. Dezember 2017 in das SuperC an der RWTH Aachen ein für einen ganzen Tag des Kennenlernens über Microsofts Moderne Zusammenarbeit 2.0.  Themen: Entdecken Sie Neuigkeiten rund um Microsoft Kollaboration-Technologien (SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Skype Enterprise, …) Der Arbeitsplatz der Zukunft setzt neue Technologien voraus! Teilen und Austauschen der Erfahrungen zwischen Endanwendern und Fachleuten von Microsofts Cloud Lösungen. Sie können sich hier bereits anmelden. Die Agenda ist :   Dies ist ein Community Event, es wird allen registrierten Teilnehmern ohne weitere Kosten angeboten. Wir freuen uns sehr, Sie an diesem Tag willkommen zu heißen.   Sie möchten Sponsor werden? Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns unter orga@aos.community . Für weitere Fragen, zögern Sie bitte nicht, uns unter orga@aos.community zu kontaktieren. aOS Community (for Azure, Office 365, SharePoint) invite you on December 1st, 2017 at RWTH Aachen University for a whole day of discovery, exchanges and sharing around Microsoft Collaborative platform. Come to: Discover news around Microsoft collaboratives technologies (SharePoint 2016, Office 365, Skype Enterprise, …) Share and exchange between users and professionals of Microsoft collaborative platform You can already register here. The agenda is above. This is a Community event, it is proposed freely to all registered participants. We will be very happy to welcome you at this day. You would like to be sponsor? Thanks to contact us at orga@aos.community. For any other question, do not hesitate to reach us on social networks and at orga@aos.community.
    starting on 2017-12-01 08:30:00

    RWTH Aachen University
    Mathieustr. 6

    Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad

    Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad
    with Aaron Lipp & The Slack Tones
    Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squads sixth studio album MAKE IT BETTER was released September 16, 2016 on Rootfire Cooperative. It debuted at #1 on the Billboard Reggae Chart. Formed in 2001 in Rochester, New York, GPGDS first received praise for their live show, which combined world beats and reggae rhythms within jamband aesthetics. In recent years the bands studio recordings, which showcase their songwriting and musicianship across all genres of roots music, have further cemented their legend as master innovators and artists. There is a lot of intention in this release. We had a purpose to prove to ourselves recording this album [MAKE IT BETTER]. We wanted to know that we could put our heads down and do good work fast. It was a great release artistically. It uniquely sounds the most progressive of anything we have ever done while also sounding the most like our first album. -James Searl, Bassist/Vocalist
    starting on 2017-12-01 20:00:00

    The Haunt
    702 Willow Avenue
    14850 Ithaca
    United States

    IBM Websphere Portal Administration Online Training @ www.VirtualNuggets.com

    www.VirtualNuggets.com” data-via=”bcpfactory” data-lang=”en”>Tweet

    IBM Websphere Portal Administration Online Training @ www.VirtualNuggets.com

    Company URL:- http://www.virtualnuggets.com/
    Course URL:- http://www.virtualnuggets.com/best-ibm-websphere-portal-online-training-institute.html
    Contact URL:- http://www.virtualnuggets.com/contact-us.html

    IBM WebSphere Portal : Administration

    Deploying Portlets
    Portal Security Management
    Wikis and Blogs
    Tagging and Rating
    Personalization Attribute-based Administration
    Virtual Portlets and Realms
    Feed Syndication
    Mashup Integration
    Portal Search
    Other Miscellaneous Administrative Portlets
    Usage/Site Analytics
    Theme Architecture (Branding)
    Creating a Cell
    Federating a Portal Node into a Cell
    Portal Security
    XML Access
    Production Topologies
    Portal Clusters
    Staging to Production
    Production Procedures

    IBM Websphere Portal Registration Details:-

    Instructor-Led Regular Online (Limited Persons Per Group) Training
    Instructor-Led Online On Demand Training ( 1-1 or Corporate Training )

    What is IBM Websphere Portal?

    IBM WebSphere Portal is a powerful solution for delivering engaging web content and applications in an integrated, differentiated and personalized web experience.

    WebSphere Portal supports workflows, content management, social, mobile web delivery, simplified usability and administration, open standards, security and scalability. These capabilities provide an exceptional web experience to help you become a social business.
    WebSphere Portal enables organizations to create, manage, and deliver powerful online web experiences that are engaging, flexible, and high performance.

    Benefits Of IBM Websphere Portal Training at VirtualNuggets™:-

    Scenario Oriented Training
    Materials and Certification Guidance
    Access For Hands-On
    Customized Course Agenda For IBM websphere portal admin
    Live-Support During Sessions Hours

    Why Attend VirtualNuggets™ Training ?

    100 % Quality Assurance,Class is taught By Certified Working Professional

    The class is taught by an experienced IBM websphere portal commerce practitioner who will teach you the essentials you need to know to kick-start your IBM portal career. Our training make you more productive with your IBM websphere portal assignments.

    Our teaching style is entirely hands-on. You’ll have access to our desktop screen and will be actively conducting hands-on labs on your desktop.

    Learning is a continual process. To reinforce the concepts covered in class , alumni will also support through discussion forums.

    www.VirtualNuggets.com” href=”http://twitter.com/share?via=&count=horizontal&related=mohanjith%3AS%20H%20Mohanjith&lang=en&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bcpfactory.com%2Fibm-websphere-portal-administration-online-training-www-virtualnuggets-com-2%2F&text=IBM%20Websphere%20Portal%20Administration%20Online%20Training%20%40%20www.VirtualNuggets.com” >Tweet