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Halogen Tutorials – Performance review forms (employee management software)

Halogen Tutorials – Performance review forms (employee management software)

More information: https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/halogen-software/

Key Features of Halogen Software

— Performance management
— Talent management
— Employee reviews
— HR metrics
— Learning management
— Employee engagement
— Succession planning
— Employee retention
— Talent pool-based succession planning
— Talent acquisition
— HR software solutions

More information: https://www.getapp.com/hr-employee-management-software/a/halogen-software/

Image from page 297 of “Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science;” (1898)

Image from page 297 of “Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science;” (1898)
Identifier: leonardodavincia01munt
Title: Leonardo da Vinci, artist, thinker and man of science;
Year: 1898 (1890s)
Authors: Müntz, Eugène, 1845-1902
Subjects: Leonardo, da Vinci, 1452-1519
Publisher: London : W. Heinemann New York, C. Scribner’s sons
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
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Text Appearing Before Image:
n century. During the Revolution, the refectory was converted into aforage store and stable ! For the various restorations the painting has undergone, seeBossis Del Cenacolo di Leonardo da Fi««(Milan, 1810), and Stendhals Z^M/wV^ de laPeinture en Italie, ed. 1868, p. 150-151. Leonardo further painted portraits of Lodovico il Moro, wiih his eldest son Maximilian^and of Beatrice, with her second son, Francesco, in the refectory of Santa Maria delleGrazie, on either side of Montorfanos Crucifixion. Vasari, who has been unjustly accusedof not having appreciated the genius of his illustrious countryman, speaks of theseportraits as truly sublime. (See p. 95.) 200 LEONARDO DA VINCI No artist might henceforth wholly escape its fascination, though nonecould attain to its perfection. On several occasions Leonardo was employed on the decoration ofthe ducal residences. He worked principally in the famous Castello di Porta Giovia(Gate of Jupiter, now the Vercelli Gate), in which the Visconti had

Text Appearing After Image:
THE LAST SUPPER. LEFT SIDE. (iN ITS PRESENT STA.TE.) collected so many treasures. Destroyed in the revolution of 1447, itwas rebuilt by the Sforzi on a more magnificent scale than before,only to be given over again to pillage. In our own times, it wasconverted into a barrack, and was used as such till its restorationwas determined. The task of transforming this venerable monu-ment into a central museum worthy of the city of Milan hasfortunately been entrusted to the eminent architect, Signor LucaBeltrami. I may here say a few words concerning this famous building, XIStudy for The Madonna Lit ta. (the I.OLVRII.) t

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Riversleigh Fossil Museum in Mt Isa. Australian Megafauna from over 25,000 years ago in Queensland.

Riversleigh Fossil Museum in Mt Isa. Australian Megafauna from over 25,000 years ago in Queensland.
Megafauna included kangaroos, wombats, tigers similar to Tasmanain Tigers, possums etc.

Mount Isa Township.
Like Broken Hill Mt Isa is an isolated outback town created because of a mineral discovery in 1923. It was part of the Cloncurry Shire council until it was declared a town with its own local government in 1963. Today it has a population of around 20,000 people but at its peak in the 1970s it had 34,000 people. The city area encompasses a huge unpopulated area making Mt Isa the second biggest city in Australia in land area! The town is basically a mining company town like Broken Hill but unlike Broken Hill and other mining centres in Australia it is such a long way from the coast and port facilities. No mining town is further from the nearest port than Mt Isa. The port of Townsville is almost 900 kms away and the capital Brisbane is over 1800 kms away.

Pastoralism came to the Mt Isa region in the 1860s and 1870s when much of outback QLD was occupied by graziers. The region was known for its mining as the Cloncurry copper and goldfields were not that far away and to the south of Mt Isa was the Duchess copper mine and township. (In 1966 the only major source of phosphate was discovered at Duchess mine.) The rocky outcrops and ranges of the area were attractive to prospectors hoping for another great mineral find after the great finds at Cloncurry in 1872.

An itinerant mineral prospector named John Campbell Miles was camped on the Leichhardt River looking at rock samples in late 1923. He found promising samples and took them to the government assayer in Cloncurry discovering that his samples were 50% to 78% pure lead with copper as well. The QLD government investigated the deposits further as Miles named the field Mt Isa. Businessmen in Cloncurry saw the potential of the area for mining. In January 1924 the Mount Isa Mines Ltd Company was floated beginning their search for investment capital to develop the site. Douglas McGillivray of Cloncurry was a major investor and his funds permitted the new company to acquire mining leases for the relevant areas. Miners flocked to the area and by the end of 1924 a small town had emerged with tents, and a few wooden buildings from other towns in the region. Mt Isa then had a school room, a water supply from the Leichhardt River and stores, hotels and an open air picture theatre!

But it was to take another 10 years before large scale mining began. MIM (Mt Isa Mines) continued to purchases additional mining leases and they searched overseas for capital as the first leases cost them £245,000. On top for this was the cost of underground explorations, drilling, metallurgical tests and plant construction. By 1932 MIM had spent around £4 million with no production, returns or profits. But the size and potential of this project was not underestimated by anyone. In 1929 the QLD government extended the railway from Cloncurry ( it reached there in 1910) via Duchess to Mt Isa. By this time the population was around 3,000 people. Mined ore was carted by road to the smelter in Cloncurry. The township had progressed too with a town planned by the Company with tree lined streets on the river, with a dam for a water supply on Rifle Creek. The mine operations were on the western side of the River and the town and businesses on the eastern side of the River. The Catholic Church opened in 1929 and the Company built a fine small hospital for the town. As the Great Depression hit MIM stopped spending on the development on the town and concentrated on the mines. By this time profits were repaying interest on the loans but the company did not return a dividend on investments until 1947.

The fortunes of Mt Isa Mines changed in the 1930s as Julius Kruttschnitt, a native of New Orleans was appointed mine manager in 1930. He obtained additional financial investment in MIM from the American Smelting and Refining Company and the first reruns on lead production occurred in 1931. By 1937 under Kruttschnitt’s guidance the almost bankrupt company of 1930 was returning profits by 1936. This manager was known for always wearing a collar, tie and suit regardless of the Mt Isa temperatures. He played sport with the miners, his wife contributed to town events and he worked on better housing for the workers. He retired from the MIM in 1953 but remained on the Company Board until 1967. At this time Mt Isa Mines became the largest single export earner for Australia and MIM was the largest mining company in Australia. Kruttschnitt died in 1974 in Brisbane. He received many Australiana and international awards for his work in mining engineering and metallurgy. He really put Mt Isa on the map.

During World War Two the mine concentrated on copper and ceased lead and silver operations as demanded by the war needs. Until this time the mine had concentrated on lead production. Labour shortages were crippling during the War years but the mine continued. Many American troops were stationed here too and the Mt Isa Hospital had an underground hospital built in case of air raids. No bombing attacks were experienced and the hospital was mainly used by nurses on night duty catching up on some sleep in the relative cool underground but the hospital still remains and is operated by the National Trust. It is unlikely that we will have free time when the underground hospital is open to visit it.
After World War Two the fortunes of Mt Isa changed remarkably. Lead prices trebled after the War from £25 per ton to £91 per ton and hence the MIM was able to pay its first dividends in 1947. Workers received a lead bonus to make their wages higher and about three times the amount of average wages in Brisbane. The population of the town doubled in the early 1950s just before Kruttschnitt retired from around 3,000 to over 7,000. It doubled again by 1961 when the population reached 13,000 and it doubled again by 1971 when it reached 26,000. New facilities came with the bigger population- an Olympic size swimming pool, some air conditioning in some buildings, bitumen roads, less dust, more hotels and employee clubs, including the Marie Kruttschnitt Ladies Club! Miners’ wages doubled during the Korean War. It was during this period the rail line from Mt Isa to Townsville became the profitable ever for the Queensland Railways. It was the profits from this line that led Queensland Rail to develop and rebuilt other lines and introduce the electric Tilt train etc. MIM discovered more and more ore deposits and firstly doubled and then trebled production in the 1950s. Mt Isa surpassed Broken Hill as Australia’s biggest and wealthiest mine.

New suburbs were built by MIM, the town became the centre of local government and the Company built a new dam for a water supply on Lake Moondarra with importer sand for a lake shore beach. As more stores opened in Mt Isa Mount Isa mines closed its cooperative store. A large new hospital was opened in 1960; the Royal Flying Doctor Service transferred its headquarters from Cloncurry to Mt Isa; and the town had a new air of prosperity and modernity. The calm soon broke. There was a major split between the Australian Workers Union, an Americana union agitator called Patrick Mackie and the Mine management over pay and profit sharing ideas. All work at the mine stopped during a bitter dispute that lasted eight months. The Liberal Country Party government which included Joh Bjelke Petersen (he was a minster and not premier in 1964) used the police to restrict the activities of the AWU and the Mackie Unionists. Many miners left the town as they could not survive without work and it took some time after the dispute resolution for the mine to restart full operations. Mining restarted in 1965.

Ten years (1974) later MIM financially assisted with the construction and opening of the new Civic Centre. Mt Isa’s population reached its maximum of around 34,000 and the future looked bright. As the ore quality declined the town population declined but MIM found new ways of extracting copper and lead from lower grade ore. The city continued to exist until MIM sold utu to Xstrata in 2003. Since the then town population has been slowly increasing. The local federal MP is Bob Katter who is proposing to create a new conservative party for the next federal election.

Mount Isa Mines Today.
In the 2001 Census over 20% of Mt Isa’s workforce was employed in mining. The town mainly survives because of the Xstrata Mines which took over the previous company, Mount Isa Mines (MIM) Ltd in 2003. Xstrata has invested $570 million in the mines since its takeover. Xstrata today employs over 3,000 staff and 1,000 contractors in the mine. Xstrata is a large multinational mining company with its headquarters in Switzerland and its head office in London. It has mines in Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas. It miens coal, and copper primarily in Australia at places as far apart as Mt Isa, McArthur River zinc mine in the NT, Bulga coal mine and Anvil Hill coal mine in NSW and Cosmos nickel mine in WA.

Apart from the mines itself Mt Isa has other infrastructure: a power station (oil fired); an experimental mine dam; and various buildings and works such as the winding plant, shaft headframe etc. Most importantly for the township it also has the copper smelter works. The ore is further processed in the Townsville smelter after transportation to the coast. The Mt Isa smelter produced over 200,000 tons of copper in 2010 and smelted lead and the concentrator refines the ores of copper, zinc, lead and silver. Across all its mines in Australia Xstrata employs almost 10,000 people second only to its workforce in Africa. Xstrata also operates the Ernest Henry copper, gold and magnetite mines 38 kms north of Cloncurry. This group of mines is expected to employ around 500 people on a long term basis. All the ore from these mines is treated in the concentrator and the smelter in Mt Isa. The Isa smelter and concentrator also handles the silver, lead and zinc from the George Fisher( Hilton) mines 20 kms south of Mt Isa. The stack from the smelter, erected in 1978, stands 270 metres high and can be seen from 40 kms away.

Outback at Isa Discovery Centre and Riversleigh Fossil Centre.
This centre was opened in 2003. The Riversleigh Fossil Centre moved into the complex; a purpose built mine called the Hard Times mine was dug and opened to give visitors an underground mine experience; and the Isa Experience Gallery opened with an Outback Park outside. The complex also operates the Visitor Information Centre. The Isa Experience Gallery uses multimedia approaches to bring the history and Aboriginal culture and mining background of Mount Isa to life.

Riversleigh World Heritage fossil site is 250kms north of Mt Isa on the Gregory River on an isolated cattle station. The fossil site covers over 10,000 hectares and is now included in the Lawn Hill national Park. It has been a protected site since 1983 and was declared a World Heritage site of international significance in 1994. But why? Sir David Attenborough explains:

Riversleigh is the worlds’ richest mammal fossil site dating from 15-25 million years ago. The massive number of fossils discovered here are generally imbedded in hard limestone which was formed when freshwater pools solidified. This happened at time when this part of Australia was a rich rainforest area, rather than the semi-arid grassland that it is now. The fossils cover a period of 20 million years helping scientists understand how Australia, its climate and animal species changed. Most of what is known about Australia’s mammals over 20 million years was learnt from bone discoveries at Riversleigh, and the most significant ones were found in just one hour!

It is the mammals that we find the most fascinating today with large mega-fauna from prehistoric eras the most amazing. But there have also been finds of birds, frogs, fish, turtles and reptiles. The finds have included: the ancestors of Tasmanian Tigers (thylacines); large meat eating kangaroos; huge crocodiles; giant flightless birds; the ancestors of our platypus (monotreme); ancient koalas and wombats; diprotodon; giant marsupial moles and bandicoots; around 40 species of bats; and marsupial “lions”. The site has yielded a complete skull and teeth of a giant platypus and the various thylacines have added to our previous knowledge of just one- the now extinct Tasmanian Tiger.

Scientists have dug over 250 fossil rich sites at Riversleigh finding hundreds of new species. Who has heard of: dasyurids, cuscuses, ilariids and wynyardiids? I have no idea what they were. Other strange discoveries have been: ‘Thingodonta’ (Yalkaparidon) – an odd marsupial with skull and teeth like no other living marsupial; Fangaroo- a small grass eating kangaroo species with giant teeth; the Giant Rat-kangaroo, (Ekaltadeta) that ate meat( perhaps the Fangaroo); and the Emuary, (Emuarius) which was half emu and half cassowary in features. The Fossil Centre in Mt Isa has some reconstructions of some of these fossil animals of prehistoric times.

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3 Ways to Relax With Candles

Have you ever wished you could take a moment to just unwind from the stress of a busy day? Sometimes it’s the little things that can bring refreshing moments into your life. First of all, it’s taking time for you. We all need some “me-time.”

The first rule to a bubble bath is to make sure there are no interruptions. After the kids are all tucked away and you instruct your spouse or roommate not to disturb you. Take a couple of minutes to set up candles around the tub, and on the counter or the sink. Richly scented candles definitely help set the mood. Turn off the lights, slip into the bubbles, and let the soothing, flickering light from the candles melt away the stress. As the warm scent of essential oils and herbs surround and envelope you. Relax your mind and body and let the aroma of the candles guide you into oblivion.

The second way to relax with candles is to add them to your romantic evening. Is it possible that a scent can make you more mellow and increase dramatically the relations between you and your mate?

Thousands of people have discovered the powerful benefits of aromatherapy. And you can do it to! Aromatherapy is the art and practice of using essential oils extracted from aromatic plants and herbs to restore or enhance health, beauty, and well being. Richly scented candles often stimulate the emotional part of the brain. Candles are a warm light that adds that special touch to a romantic dinner or the bedroom while being intimate with your lover. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 35% of Americans agree that a romantic candlelight dinner-for-two is the best way to “get in the mood”.

There is just something about candlelight and a delicious home cooked meal that inspire lovers. There is a logical explanation for a scent’s powerful effect on romantic feelings. Richly scented candles stimulate the limbic system in the brain. That is the same area that produces sexual desire. So go ahead, set the mood with candles, and take note of how the dancing light can make you feel. Even the simplest lighting effects the mood and the moment.

The third way to relax with richly scented candles is during the holidays. No holiday table would be complete without the warm glow of candles. From the dining room to the kitchen and the family room to the guest room, candles can help to set the mood for your holiday festivities. With the fast pace of the holiday season, with all the shopping, wrapping of gifts, parties and family gatherings, we sometimes find ourselves unable to unwind. I have found that nothing is more soothing after a hectic afternoon than an evening of soft candlelight. Scented Christmas candles typically spark a memory of the holidays.

Discover the possibilities for any season or occasion. Try relaxing with richly scented candles. Whether to unwind from a hard day, set a romantic mood, or relax during the hectic holidays. Richly scented candles are the only way to go!

Heather Lassetter

AML Cannulation and Administration of Radiopharmaceutical Isotopes

AML Cannulation and Administration of Radiopharmaceutical Isotopes
Introduction This is the practical component to the IV Cannulation and Administration of Radiopharmaceutical Isotopes. In order to attend this practical simulation session you must have successfully completed the theory and knowledge module on moodle.  Learning outcomes The ability to prepare a trolley/tray for cannulation Vein assessment, and describe and explain rationale for choosing a specific cannulation site on a patient. Demonstrate an ANTT cannulation technique A patency assessment, and explain Visual Infusion Phlebitis (VIP) scoring Appropriate removal and safe disposal of cannula and giving of post-scanning advice and care to a patient The ability to calculate a dose, draw up and inject a Radiopharmaceutical Safe disposal of radioactive sharps and waste Contamination monitoring and the decontamination of a spill QA,  use of equipment and record keeping Booking Process Please register via eventbrite to attend a date which suits you. If you have any questions please call 0161 918 2445 or email petctacademy@christie.nhs.uk
starting on 2017-12-08 09:00:00

Education Centre (Dept 17)
The Christie
M20 4BX Manchester
United Kingdom

Spectacular cloud formations

A cloud is a little drop of water or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere. There are two main types of clouds including the layered and the convective. The colors of clouds tell much about what is going on inside the clouds.


We can see ordinary clouds everyday, but it is rare to see lenticular UFO clouds and many other spectacular clouds. Let’s enjoy the gifts of the nature via the following collection of spectacular cloud formations.


Kelvin-Helmholtz instability clouds in San Francisco


Cumulus cloud is a type of cloud with noticeable vertical development


Morning Glory clouds are roll clouds which can be up to 1000 kilometers long and move at speeds up to 60 kilometers per hour.


Mammatus clouds


Polar mesospheric or Notilucent clouds


Roll clouds over Sydney


Hurricane Bertha



Sarychev Volcano


Polar Stratospheric or Nacreous clouds are clouds in the winter polar stratosphere at altitudes of 15,000-25,000 meter

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Pursuing Home Based Business Dreams!

Pursuing Home Based Business Dreams!

Everyday we hear of a new business that suddenly pops up, and is making money hand over fist. We all say in unison, “Boy, Are They Lucky!” This successful event, didn’t just happen folks…..It’s actually a result of someone with a dream, a passion if you will, who has cultivated their dream for months, or even years, before we ever hear of their success.

Occasionally there will be someone who comes up with a new product, that takes the world by storm. However, most of the new businesses popping up, are nothing more than a person promoting an existing product or service, and adding their unique idea to the marketing aspect of that product.

One great example, is the famous fried chicken conglomerate, better known as KFC. Here was a gentleman who was involved in several different vocations during his working years, living the American dream. He also failed more than once, because he filed bankruptcy three times before he turned 65 years old. When he got his first retirement check, he took $ 100 and invited people to listen to his idea of, forming a fried chicken franchise, using his secret formula of herbs and spices to make the chicken taste better, than anyone else on the market. Did it work? I think so, because who do we think of when the question is ask…..who is fried chicken king of all time, there is only one answer. You may not like the chicken yourself, however, that’s still who we all think of, when you’re talking about fried chicken.

All of us have a dream, of coming up with that unique idea that will make us an icon, and permit us to make a ton of money. This is the American Dream we’ve all dreamed about at one time or another. Different circumstances has forced many of todays successful businesses to start their operations at a time when it didn’t seem at all feasible. However, it did work. Circumstances that caused the right decision to be made at that particular moment and time, created another successful business.

As we shared with you in a recent article, Home Based Businesses, has been the life blood of the American economy since our great nation was founded. If a person is truly passionate about their future and the future of their family, sometimes it was necessary to take their last cent, refinance their home, borrow money from relatives, beg, borrow and steal to make their dreams a reality. Businesses fail, so why would anyone make such a drastic choice? Because those individuals are passionate about their dreams and will do just about anything, to fulfill that void in their life. Success must be earned….not just another government handout.

Maybe you’re unemployed right now, maybe your disabled and can’t go back to work in the same vocation you once enjoyed. You may be in deep debt, and see no way out, or just find it hard in these difficult economic times, to keep your head above water….now there’s hope, if you’re realistic and sincere about your dreams of success.

Some say that making money on line is simple, and anyone can do it. My friends, there is nothing further from the truth. I personally make a living online, but it has cost me an incredible amount of time and money to get where I am today. Starting out I spent 14-16 hours per day, learning the process, and cultivating my dreams of being an online success. My first year, I didn’t make a dime. I was like a dog chasing it’s tail, I was getting nowhere, but I was determined to make it happen. I spent an incredible amount of money on worthless junk programs, that promised me the world. Naturally, it didn’t happen that way. I was like most individuals who are marketing challenged, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know where to turn. I didn’t know where to find the answers. If this is sounding the least bit familiar, then you are in the norm here….not the exception.

I literally spent months, looking for something that I felt comfortable representing, or putting my name on. My first vision of what I wanted to do online, is so different, than what it is today. I prayed many times, and promised God that if he would help me learn this process, I would share my knowledge with those who where sincere in their desires for success. You too, can make it happen if you put your heart, mind and soul into your dreams. They will come true.

Now is an excellent time, to get involved with online marketing. There has been countless millionaires made on line. The time is now, to become involved in the dreams of your future. Do your research, work out a realistic business plan, commit to your future and begin today to make it all happen for you and your family. Work hard and build your own Home Based Business the right way, and it will work for you in the future.

By having your own home based business, you will have flexibility in your work schedule, working in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world. Once your online business is set up and running smoothly on auto pilot, you can be a bit more flexible, and enjoy the finer things in life. Like, playing golf when you want, going to the opera, spending time with the family and kids, going on an extended vacation or anything else you may want to do. This can happen because you made it all happen! What a tremendous reward, for a job well done. Finally you will get the rewards you so richly deserve.

Good luck, and God Bless You, in your home based business ventures.

The eBiz Solutions Team is standing by to assist you, on your rewarding marketing journey. Call today, for your free 30 minute consultation.

“Let’s Build Your Business Together”

Larry L Miller SEM/SEO Consulting


Larry L Miller a SEM/SEO Consultant who specializes in promoting his clients to “Top Positions With Google” and other leading search engines. Mr Miller is the promotions director for BLM Traders the leader in Automated Marketing Systems..http://larrylmiller.com,  Private Line: 321-594-4405, Skype: larrylmiller121, trafficwizard40@yahoo.com

Halogen Performance – Product Overview

Halogen Performance – Product Overview


With Halogen Performance™, it’s never been easier to transform your employee performance review cycle from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process.

Automate your performance processes – from appraisals, to goal setting, to ongoing check-ins – and implement a variety of best practices that meet your business needs now and in the future with flexible performance management tools. These include automated workflow, configurable form builder, flexible rating styles, real-time feedback, and built-in content and tools for helping managers assess and develop your people.

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Cornerstone Talent Management Blog

Cornerstone Talent Management Blog

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Cornerstone’s Talent Management Blog covers such topics as onboarding, learning, enterprise social networking, compliance, performance, compensation and succession planning.
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    iSpring Suite 7.1 [Download]

    iSpring Suite 7.1 [Download]

    Product Description

    iSpring Suite 7.1 is your all-in-one solution for creating mobile-ready PowerPoint-based courses for all devices and enriching them with audio and video narrations, voice-overs and interactive quizzes. With iSpring Suite 7, you can flexibly customize course and quiz appearance and build branching scenarios, both between slides and quiz questions. Engage your learners by adding characters from the Character Library, or create your own custom characters. Publish presentations directly to YouTube, or to iSpring Cloud secure hosting and sharing platform, with one click from the PowerPoint interface. Upload courses to iSpring Learn, or any LMS compatible with SCORM, AICC, or Experience API (Tin Can).

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