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Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development

Workflow Modeling: Tools for Process Improvement and Application Development

Product Description
Providing proven techniques for identifying, modelling and redesigning business processes, and explaining how to implement workflow improvement, this book aims to help define requirements for systems development or systems acquisition.

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Ashtanga Yoga Phulla

Ashtanga Yoga Phulla Reviews

in Miami Springs, US

385 Westward Dr

Phone: +1-786-200-2576

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Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial

Product Description
Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands- On Tutorial is a practical, from the coalface tutorial for beginner to intermediate readers. You’ll benefit from plenty of emphasis on the introduction of new features of the suite and go further with step by step instructions from the experts. If you are a BI developer or analyst who wants to get practical with your OBIEE 11g knowledge, “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition 11g: A Hands-On Tutorial” is for you. You will also find it helpful as a technical administrator, consultant or end user. You should already have a good command of general BI practices and Oracle database, but no knowledge of Oracle BI 11g is required.

    Easy Project Management

    To manage project effectively is one of the most important aspect of a business. It entails having a proper grasp of the project phases and the determination of the chronology of the project activities. When a project is properly scoped with all the activities arranged in preceding order, the project manager will be in a good stand to estimate the project duration and cost.

    To manage project the easy way, the firm will think of applying some simple principles which includes the following:
    a. Employment/ utilization of the services of professional project management team
    b. Utilization of project management software tools
    c. Proper scoping of projects
    d. Determination of the proper duration of the project activities
    e. Estimation of the proper precedence activities to any activity in the project.
    f. Proper management of input resources
    g. Training of workforce for the project
    h. Establishing and contracting out the activities in the project that will cause delay or that will be better handled by another professional firm.
    i. Make room for contingencies and other uncertainties that may crop up in the cause of the project execution.
    The list of the information necessary for the better project management is inexhaustible but the key to easy project management is the utilization of software tools. The software tool is the arch supporting project management because of the following reasons:
    a. It makes determination of project duration easy
    b. When there is a slack in the time needed for an activity, it will be easy to adjust the start and end time of other activities in the project
    c. In case of delay/overlap in the activity duration/introduction of new activities, there will be an easy re-planning to forestall project delay.
    d. With the utilization of software tools, there is always a limited error in the overall cost of project implementation because the degree of accuracy of calculating of input to the project is very high
    e. Project planning and control can be done within short time duration
    The beauty of any project execution is the ease of operation. To this end, project management can only be smooth, fast, efficient and cost effective if software tools are applied. It should be noted however, that if unseasoned professionals are utilized in the execution of project management software, the result may not be better than that got when the projects is managed without software.

    Name: Ossai, Chinedu Ishiodu
    (Dynamic, Innovative and result-oriented)
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    There is always need to get the best in everything.

    How to master Asana with Paul Minors (Asana consultant)

    How to master Asana with Paul Minors (Asana consultant)


    Asana is a fantastic tool for teams and individuals to manage tasks and targets. In this video, Paul Minors gives us the lowdown on how he uses Asana to conquer his productivity every single day. Paul is a very productive individual running a lifestyle blog and a full-time job and other work too. He’s launched a travel vlog and has embarked on a 6-month adventure with his partner to explore the world.

    Paul’s Asana tips are really helpful and will help you guide your long terms and short term goals, using all of it’s features.

    Need help with Asana? Book a free 30-minute introductory call with Paul:

    Paul Minors:
    Paul’s awesome blog:
    New Travel Vlog:


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    My name is Francesco.

    I’m a student based in the South West of the UK, I also work with FlashSticks and Newton Mail with their marketing teams. I’m mad about technology – especially apps and software.

    I’ve been on YouTube since 2014. I’ve been making videos about how to use productivity tools and resources.

    The mission has really been to create handy tools for anyone to use to understand and implement a tool, with some extra support thrown in. I don’t believe productivity tools can solve your organization problem, but equipping you with the right ones can put you one step further.

    Drop me a tweet anytime, I’m pretty open to tech conversations: @francescod_ales

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    Google Sniper Scam

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    Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt Leather Reversible 1.25″ Wide Rotated Buckle Gift Box … (Black/Brown,36-38) …

    Beltox Fine Men’s Dress Belt Leather Reversible 1.25″ Wide Rotated Buckle Gift Box … (Black/Brown,36-38) …

    Product Description
    Size Reference:
    waist size 30-32 advised belt size 32-34
    waist size 32-34 advised belt size 34-36
    waist size 34-36 advised belt size 36-38
    waist size 36-38 advised belt size 38-40
    waist size 38-40 advised belt size 40-42

    Packing list:
    Gift Box*1

    How the belt is measured:
    The belt is measured from buckle end(not including the buckle) to the first hole and the last hole of the other end.
    Size 34-39 belt means it is 34″ long from the buckle(not including the buckle) to the first hole of the belt and it is 39″ long from the buckle(not including the buckle) to the last hole of the belt. And the same idea for other sizes.

    How to trim:
    With one hand grab hold on the leather and the other pull and twist the buckle. So it looks like a plus sign. The metal opens like a hinge from the inside, don’t force it.. it only opens one way. Pry open with a small screwdriver or other flat object. Then remove the belt, trim and put it back together. Then press the buckle and rotate it back. It is easy to handle. There are 5 grommets in the belt, so it is ok for you to choose your approximate pant size. And we considerably send you the punch if more holes needed. The illustrations in the picture show you how easy it is for you to take the belt away from the buckle and cut to your size. The belt is two sides wearable. Both sides are fine made smoothly. They will match your formal dress pants. So it means you pay one belt but get two colors available indeed. Great deal. More attractive is the buckle. It is easy to rotate when stretch the buckle with a little strength, just like the picture. So you can overturn the belt easily without taking it off the buckle. The gift box is sent for free. 6 classic styles for the buckle to choose, You can present the belt to your friends and husbands of course yourself too. The top-notch quality and design will make you feel good, rich, formal and dressy.

    Price: $12.99

    • 100% leather belt, Nickel-free Alloy Buckle
    • 1.25″ wide belt, suitable for size 30-54 waist, plz buy one size larger than your waist
    • Black and brown reversable belt, silver single prong buckle and plaque buckle, 6 styles for the buckle to choose,5 grommets in the belt, cuttable to size
    • Rotated buckle making it easy to reverse the belt from black to coffee and vice versa
    • Gift box presented, 12 months buy return or refund, quality garanteed

    LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park feat. Nico Santos – Waterfalls (Official Music Video)

    LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park feat. Nico Santos – Waterfalls (Official Music Video)

    LVNDSCAPE & Holland Park feat. Nico Santos – Waterfalls is OUT NOW! Download or stream HERE:

    Stay up to date on more Spinnin’ artists & music here! ►

    Beautifully structured record by SOURCE home producer LVNDSCAPE together with Holland Park. Together they reach great heights with Waterfalls, a subtle, laidback house tune with sunny chords, enhanced by Nico Santos’ soulful vocal delivery. Mood music from some of the best out there.

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    Sprint Burndown chart – how to create Sprint Burndown chart

    Sprint Burndown chart – how to create Sprint Burndown chart

    The Sprint Burndown is a great tool that helps the teams track their remaining work in a Sprint. It provides the Team members a quick and easy way to know how much work still remains in the Sprint.

    The data for the Sprint turndown which is the estimate of remaining work in the Sorint come from the Team. The source of the data is the sprint backlog. The Scrum Master may update the sprint burndown chart, or someone else from the team may do this. Many Agile and Scrum tools (even Excel spreadsheets) draw these charts automatically given that the Team updates the remaining work and tasks in that tool.

    The x-axis shows days in a sprint, and the y-axis shows the amount of work that remains to be completed in the sprint. The work that remains is typically shown in hours.

    There are also other types of burndown, for example the release burndown chart that shows the amount of work left to complete the target commitment for a Product Release (sometimes spanning across multiple Sprints) and the alternative release burndown chart which basically does the same.

    Sprint burndown chart is updated once a day. Sprint Burndown is quick and very visual way of understanding how much work still remains to be completed in the Sprint.

    How A Business Information Warehouse Can Help Your Company

    A business information warehouse is a concept that can really help an organization improve efficiency of operations.

    The idea behind such a warehouse is very simple modern business intelligence software like that from SAP is used to concentrate all of a company’s data in one place. This gives a firm total control over the flow of information. It can improve and enhance the security of data and make it easier to comply with federal laws such as HIPPA and Sarbanes Oxley.

    How to Create a Business Information Warehouse
    The way to create a BW cheaply, efficiently and quickly is to hire a certified SAP consultant. Such a consultant is a professional who can look over your group’s information technology and show you how to set up a centralized information and data control system.

    Best of all the professional can show your organization how to create a central data archive without buying any new hardware. This can create a place where any employee can go to get records and other data at the press of a button.

    Saving Your Organization Money
    An effective information warehouse can save a corporation millions of dollars by eliminating the need for storage of paper documentation. If all of a company’s documents can be digitized and placed in a modern information storage system the need for large scale storage of paper files can be eliminated.

    So can expensive off site storage of documents and high-priced document storage solutions like those provided by Iron Mountain. Staff can be reduced too because extra people won’t be needed to lug all those documents around.

    Employees will thank you because they won’t need to carry heavy boxes full of paper documents around. Nor will they have to waste their time combing through file cabinets and file rooms for a particular piece of paperwork. Instead they will be able to pull it up by typing a file number into the system.

    The way to take advantage of these savings is to hire a SAP certified BW consultant to show you how to create such a system. Implementing a data warehouse can save a company money and improve efficiency.

    Karen Simpson has been helping companies install BW software and SAP applications for several years. She is also a SAP certified BW consultant.