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Organizations implementing Adobe CQ5/AEM and Case Studies

In a competitive business environment, it is a challenge for an organization to take control over its brand presence. That means, every company have to reach its target audience to drive sales of its brand. In other words, the more an organization takes a brand into its customer base, the better it gains profit. One best way to maintain brand presence in a digitally-paced business world is going online because online brand presence plays a major role in a company’s business growth. According to the World Internet Statistics, almost 40% of the world’s population is using internet by 2013 with a growth rate of more than 673% from the last 14 years. These stats offers a clear picture of how the digital experience has been dominating the world from the beginning of 21st century. Also, several companies have been maintaining their own websites to reach their target audience through the internet. However, choosing the right technology will always result in positive outcomes. One such technology is Adobe CQ5, a technology offering trending digital experience.

Organizations implementing Adobe CQ5
Several major organizations including but not limited to Audi, Volkswagen, Hyatt and TE Connectivity have been using Adobe CQ5, also known as Adobe Experience Manager, to improve their online brand presence. Here are some implementation examples of Adobe Experience Manager by major organizations for their business needs.

Hyatt supporting travelers on a global scale using Adobe CQ5: Hyatt Hotels, an American multi-national hospitality giant, has been manually operating over 600 websites in ten languages using Adobe CQ5 to offer its customers a high-end digital experience. The main focus of the company is to enable customers to plan and manage hospitality while they travel, just by using their websites. Using Adobe Experience Manager, Hyatt is providing huge amount of high-end content to its customers through different medium including tabs, mobile phones, computers and more. According to Hyatt, they managed to move more than 600GB of images to its database using digital asset management capabilities from Adobe Experience Manager. Using Adobe CQ5, it has also managed to publish more than 500,000 web pages globally. More than 250,000 people visit their websites on a daily basis.

An image showing digital experience of Hyatt’s website

Adobe CQ5 driving Audi to innovate: German luxury car maker Audi has elevated its digital brand experience by using digital asset and web content management capabilities of Adobe Experience Manager. The company is currently operating 93 websites in 40 different languages with an aim to offer a high-end digital experience to convey message about their vehicles. Audi offers its customers the flexibility to compare vehicles based on specifications, pricing, features and more through their websites before visiting a showroom. Using Adobe CQ5, it has also integrated the Audi Configurator feature, used by more than 90% of its site visitors, to build the model of their choice with options to customize features. Using Adobe Experience Manager, Audi’s dealers and web teams are developing websites, without any technical knowledge, to offer better online customer experience. Every year more than 156 million visitors are navigating through Audi websites for information.

An image showing the digital experience of the Audi Configurator feature

Why to choose NextRow for Adobe CQ5 implementation?
There are several organizations offering CQ5 development and AEM consulting services but choosing the right one will always matter. To serve all your digital needs, talk to us. We always differ from other companies with our unique services. At NextRow, we have the most creative, experienced and Adobe certified CQ5 developers to assist you in developing a great digital experience using Adobe CQ5 enabling you to reach your target audience globally. We also have hands-on experience in integration of marketing tools such as Eloqua, Marketo, Adobe Campaign with AEM. We also have delivery teams across all time zones to serve you better. We offer different services with Adobe CQ5 including:
AEM consulting and implementation: Our team of experts will offer you their expertise in Adobe CQ5.x to enable you to implement AEM suite of products in offering your customers a highly personalized digital experience.
CMS migration to Adobe CQ5: If you want to migrate from different content management system (CMS) tools to Adobe CQ5 then we will be at your service with single request. We have a professional team of experts with deep experience to migrate a range of CMS tools including SiteCore, Acquia, Drupal, Magnolia, Interwoven TeamSite, Jahia, dotCMS, Alfresco, Vignette and custom CMS to Adobe CQ5.
AEM maintenance and support: We have gained the trust of our clients by not only offering CQ5 development services but also providing support and maintenance services to organizations having their own Adobe CQ5 platform. To meet digital needs of organizations, we also develop custom modules for Adobe CQ5.
AEM, Adobe Marketing Cloud integration: To reach target audience globally and offer high-end digital experience to customers of our clients, we will integrate Adobe CQ5 with different tools including Adobe Scene7, Adobe Test&Target, Adobe Social, Adobe SiteCatalyst, and Adobe Audience Manager in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
Integration with third party applications: Our team of experts will also integrate AEM with different third party applications including Customer relationship management (CRM), E-commerce and billing.

Besides this, NextRow also offers Adobe CQ5 training services with certified trainers, who have deep experience with major AEM projects. Different types of training programs include CQ Author Training, CQ Developer Training, CQ Advanced Developer Training, CQ System Administrator Training, AEM Digital Asset Management, AEM Social Communities and more.

NextRow is an IT services company based in Schaumburg, Illinois. NextRow has 200+ employees working across the globe on different project implementations for multiple clients.

NextRow specializes in implementation of content management applications such as Adobe CQ5, SiteCore, Interwoven Teamsite, WordPress and mobile applications, and integrating them with eCommerce platforms such as Hybris, ATG. We have extensive expertise in Android, iOS platforms.

For more info please visit NextRow

Using Pinterest for Personal Brand Recognition & SEO

The online marketplace has become excessively competitive amongst website owners. There are tons of sites in existence that offer nearly the same services and they are all competing for top spots on search engine results. Over ninety percent of people who use search engines do not go past the first page of returned results, so it is imperative that a website owner uses search engine optimization (SEO) to get their websites ranked as high as possible. Many people do not know it, but Pinterest is quickly becoming a fantastic tool in increasing someone’s search engine ranking. Knowing how Pinterest works and how to use it for search engine optimization will no doubt produce positive results for website owners.

How Pinterest Can Help
When search engine “spiders” crawl the web to find the most relevant websites to return for certain keyword phrases, they look at several different things to decide which sites are appropriate. One of the things they look for are backlinks. These are links from websites that lead to another website. The more backlinks a website has from other sites, the better. This is especially true of reputable websites. A blog that has a backlink from Wikipedia is better off than a blog that only has backlinks from a small local shoe store website. Pinterest is one of the fastest growing social media sites in existence. It currently ranks seven on the first page results of search engines. This makes Pinterest an extremely reputable website, and back links from Pinterest are going to drive up any website’s search engine ranking.

Using Pinterest for SEO
Knowing that Pinterest can increase a website’s ranking is not enough to drive up that ranking; website owners have to know how to use the website to its full abilities. Pinterest allows people to “pin” pictures and videos from outside sources. This means a website owner can pin pictures from their website directly to Pinterest. This in essence creates an automatic backlink to the original website, thus increasing a website’s search engine visibility.

It is important to utilize keywords when working on Pinterest as well. Any website owner should use keywords in the name of their saved pictures and files on their website. Google spiders go through Pinterest boards, so the owner can even use specific keywords on their boards as a method of Pinterest marketing. A person should use keywords related to their website that they believe people using search engines would use when looking for their specific type of business. Keywords are another thing that search engine spiders look at, so they are another important tool in search engine optimization.

Other Ways Pinterest Can Help
Backlinks and an increase in keywords are not the only way Pinterest can help a website’s search engine ranking. Brand recognition is always important for any business or website owner. Anything posted on Pinterest has the possibility of going viral, which would insanely increase a website’s ranking. Even if it doesn’t go viral, however, people who use Pinterest boards will become acquainted with the website the pictures and videos are linked to. They in turn can “Re-pin” these links which will open several whole new sets of eyes to a person’s website.

Other websites should also be integrated into a person’s Pinterest marketing plan. Pinterest allows people to add a “Pin It” button to their web pages. All pages, articles, blogs or videos on a website should have the “Pin It” button somewhere on the page. This will allow people who visit a particular website to share these pages on their Pinterest, which basically makes them unknowing marketers. Pinterest should also be linked to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will allow followers on larger social media sites to link directly to a Pinterest site.

Brand recognition also increases when a website becomes a trusted authority on certain topics. Pinning informative infographics or videos will let people know that a website can be trusted. Once a brand is recognized as a trusted authority on certain topics, it is sure to be shared via several social media outlets. Becoming a trusted authority is as useful as search engine optimization in general.

Pinterest is yet another useful tool in the search engine optimization spectrum. Search engine ranking is a competitive field, so it is important for website owners to use every weapon in their arsenal to increase their ranking. Pinterest automatically creates backlinks to a person’s website and in time will be shared via other users of social media networks. Keywords, another great optimization tool, can also be used in conjunction with Pinterest to increase a websites ranking on search engines and thus the website’s overall traffic. Although SEOmoz, Alexa and other crawler and ranking sites aren’t using Pinterest yet in their ranking algorithms, I would imagine they will shortly because of the exponential growth Pinterest has had. Once someone knows how to properly use Pinterest as an SEO tool, they will have a competitive advantage over those who do not.

Peter Marino is the Content Strategy Manager at, a content marketing, web design and SEO firm in White Plains, NY.

Buy HTC One M7 and HTC One M9 Accessories Online

HTC is a much known international brand for Smartphone. Many affordable and premium gadgets manufactured by this company internationally. Its own HTC One and Desire model series plus the partnership with Google for manufacturing Nexus devices made it more popular. Accessories for its Smartphone and Tablets are being available on leading online stores. You can easily choose and buy stylish case, cover or any other item for HTC models at reasonable prices.

How to Buy Online:

Online shopping of these items is preferred by most buyers as they get more options to choose from. There are many types of accessories available for HTC Smartphone models. You can find more than hundred items for your model in these stores. Select the right one which is useful, within your budget and looks great. Add it to your shopping cart and proceed to the checkout page. Provide your shipping and billing address then pay the amount using a secured online payment gateway. The seller will send you order confirmation message and tracking details of the consignment.

Within few days or hours, you will get the ordered goods delivered at your address. Most of these accessories can be paired with your Smartphone easily. You can follow the user guide, instructions and online video tutorials for doing so. If you face any problems during the fitting the HTC One M9 accessories, contact the customer support centre for help.

Select Your Device:

* HTC One M9 – This latest model of HTC is one of the hot selling Smartphone in the market. This powerful Android gadget comes with 1.5GHz CPU plus 3GB RAM, 5-inch screen, 20MP primary snapper, and a beautiful metal body design.

* HTC One M7 – Another trending model is new One M7 with full metal body and other sleek design components. You can find more accessories and stylish HTC One M7 case to give a face-lift to this Smartphone. It has a 4.7-inch display with all premium features and a powerful chipset.

* HTC Desire 816 – It is the most preferred Smartphone model in its price segment for its design, features and price. It has a bigger 5.5-inch HD display, refreshed design with two front-facing speakers, and much more. Consider to buy a trendy HTC Desire 816 case for making it more stunning.

* Other HTC Smartphone – In both One and Desire series, you can find many attractive and powerful Smartphone models. Metallic and plastic body with classy color combinations makes the devices dazzling. Through buying cases for them, you can personalize them to match your style better.

Choose A Product:

In the HTC One M7 and HTC One M9 accessories, you will find premium designer cases easily. The HTC Desire 816 case and covers are more affordable than above two model accessories. Besides the HTC One M7 case or cases for other models, you can find chargers, audio and data sync cables, screen protectors, vehicle mounts like some great accessories. You will get more options in every category so prefer to spend a bit more time to find the best product for your HTC Smartpho0ne model.

Nancy Starr is a tech blogger and writes reviews about the latest gadgets and technologies. He tips buyers to purchase HTC One M9 accessories from online stores. He also suggests how to find the quality HTC One M7 case online. He also reviewed most HTC Desire 816 case and accessories available in the market.

SAP Help and SAP Training For SAP Basis Jobs

Say you’re interpreting this article then you are in all likelihood already more or less well-known with the ideas of Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing (SAP). You already know how most huge organizations are fulfilling our other client/server application, SAP R/3 (SAP ERP), which makes a database of business-specific logic. SAP technologies are opening these businesses competitive edge while enabling them to easy process change by concentrating on 6 of the major sectors of business: discrete industries, consumer industries, process industries, service industries, financial services, and public functions.

SAP AG is a business founded in Walldorf, Germany that has steadily produced since it’s inception in 1972 and is today named as the 3rd largest software maker in the globe. SAP hires over 27,000 staffs to help bring available support to every last of their 17,500 clients. Some of these clients have switched to SAP technologies because SAP can easily access and linkup each of the outdated and inefficient interfaces that need to be protected in most businesses by networking them entirely unitedly into 1, each encompassing interface. This measure preserves businesses the headaches of confusion and the cash of maintenance.

SAP is oftentimes chose for it’s multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-national system which provides for businesses to easily make partnerships round the world. This feature has helped rocket SAP solutions toward the honor of being recognise as the leading provider of software that allows organizations to do business globally.

SAP is also being utilized to gain competitive advantages. These advantages are seen by plainly providing delivery promise dates for products, consolidating buys from round the world, using info for better negotiating terms with vendors, and producing data input sites that are accessible for people to enter product specifications and for that data to be made open directly to the product planning process.
SAP AG wants each business and individual to be able to approach these benefits. In 1999, SAP AG begun their SAP training courses and have made them independent to all firms, yours included.

SAP educational courses can be provided in some methods including instructor-led classes held at your location or our SAP education site, e-learning websites, solution academies, and by using our online wisdom products. SAP AG encourages individuals to learn from as many schools and angles as possible, expanding the information gleaned and producing more potential fields for fiscal advancement. SAP training strives to ensure that education and technologic support is available for everyone in a way that is comprehensive, efficient, and effective. Reviewing our SAP training catalog is the starting measure toward understanding the capacity and convenience of our educating programmes.

The future advocated step toward SAP training is to take an SAP overview course. These are ready as entry-level classes specifying for either business consultants or technical consultants. At One Time you have a standard understanding of SAP training, you will be advanced to come along to a specialized SAP class.

There are numerous available including SAP Solution Overviews, SAP Human Resources, SAP Customer Relationship Management, SAP Supply Chain Management, SAP NetWeaver (Including SAP Technology), SAP Financials, SAP Product Lifecycle Management, SAP Enterprise Portal Development SAP Supplier Relationship Management, and SAP System Administration.

SAP training classes will bring honors not simply to your business, but to your pocket book as well. Research exhibits that SAP disciplined employees make a significantly higher yearly income, and if you opted to be qualified as an SAP functional consultant, you will be opening your doors to the possibilities of making between $ 1,000 and $ 1,500 a day working for the worldwide market once you have completed your Master Certification.

SAP training and the classes completed will provide you with the accomplished knowledge of SAP technologies and an understanding of how you can utilize your some other info to make your IT vision for the future.

Former siemens SAP consultant reveals the Goldmine of SAP materials previously only available to SAP insiders. This sap implementation course will teach you integration of all sap modules.

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How to Use Google Adwords in 3 Easy Steps (Beginners Tutorial)

Google Adwords is the internet’s most popular PPC (pay-per-click) advertising solution.

Google, the world’s largest search engine, started Adwords in order to give business and website owners an opportunity to purchase advertising on Google’s massive network.

Adwords can advertise your ad in two places: Google Search and Content Network.

It can be used to instantly generate targeted traffic to your website or landing page by bidding on specific keywords or key phrases.

There are a few pre-requisites to starting Google Adwords:

A. Create a new Adwords Account or link it to an existing Google Account.
B. Set Country and Language.
C. Set Payment and Billing Preferences.
D. Start New Campaign and Set Daily Budget

STEP 1: Keyword Research

Keyword Research is absolutely crucial. It helps discover the different keywords or key phrases by which people are currently typing into search engines to find information on a particular topic or solve a specific problem.

Example Keywords: This article is a beginners guide to Google Adwords. A few relevant keywords to this topic could be, adwords tutorial, adwords for beginners, adwords learn, adwords basics, google adwords how to, adwords how to, etc…

Tools Needed – or or Google Adwords Keyword Tool.

STEP 2: Clustering Keywords or Key Phrases into Ad Groups

Think of this step as emptying a bag of candy on the floor and grouping them by color. Group all the reds together, greens together, blues together, so on and so forth.

Keyword clusters as very similar. They must have the same intention and root word. People make typos while searching all the time. These are potential keywords too.

Example Ad Group 1: adwords tutorial, adwords tutorials, adwords tutor, google adwords tutorials, google adwords tutorial, google adwords tutor, gogle adwords tutorial, adwords tutrial, adwords tutoral, etc…

Example Ad Group 2: adwords basics, basics to adwords, google adwords basics, adword basics, adwords bascs, etc…

Tools Needed – Microsoft Excel or any spreadsheet program

STEP 3: Write Ads for each Ad Group

Write two ads for each Ad Group to test and see which has better CTR. (Click-Through-Rate).
Keep the following points in mind when you write an Ad –

Title: Must contain the searchers exact Keyword or Key Phrase
Description Sentence 1: What are you offering or What is the benefit?
Description Sentence 2: Price and Call To Action
Display URL:
Destination URL: Targetted Landing Page URL. It can be in a sub-directory of Display URL.

Adwords has an intuitive online system that takes you through these steps and saves your progress stage-by-stage.

Once you get used to the online system, you could download a free Google software called Adwords Editor, which can be installed on your PC or Mac.

The Adwords Editor is especially useful to manage multiple accounts, bulk upload ads, keywords, automatically sync with your online account, creating project backups, etc… It basically makes life a lot easier! 🙂

Google Adwords also comes with many advanced tools (free) to Optimize Your Ads, Analyze Your Ad Performance and Optimize Your Website.

I hope you find this article useful.

Have a nice day!

Did you find this article useful? If you did, take a look at the step-by-step video tutorials HERE!

Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat – Defensive Security Podcast – Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec


Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat – Defensive Security Podcast – Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec
from Defensive Security Podcast – Malware, Hacking, Cyber Security & Infosec
Price: USD 0
View Details about Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat

A Look at Cloud Computing Services

Wikipedia defines cloud computing as “the use of computing resources (hardware and software) that are delivered as a service over a network (typically the Internet).” Simply put, cloud computing is the provision of easy and scalable access to computing resources and IT services to those who need it. Today there exist different types of cloud computing services such as Infrastructure as a service (IaaS), Platform as a service (PaaS), Software as a service (SaaS), Storage as a service (STaaS), Security as a service (SECaaS), Data as a service (DaaS), Test environment as a service (TEaaS), Desktop as a service (DaaS), API as a service (APIaaS) and so on.

The three most important aspects of cloud computing are
1. The services are available on demand and these are sold by the hour or the minute
2. The services are flexible and therefore the users can increase or decrease the amount of services
3. The services are fully managed by the provider and therefore no botheration for the users

A cloud can be private, public, community, or hybrid. Let’s understand the fundamental differences between them.

* Private Cloud – When the cloud infrastructure is operated for a single organization it is known as a private cloud.
* Public Cloud – In this case, the service provider makes the applications, storage, and other resources available to the public. That means the services are sold to anyone on the Internet.
* Community Cloud – It refers to the cloud infrastructure shared among organizations from a specific community.
* Hybrid Cloud – As the name implies, it refers to the combination of two or more clouds. With this model, users gain from the benefits of multiple cloud models.

Today, Virtualization, weak economy, and access to high-speed Internet have made cloud computing the first choice of almost all enterprises. Though cloud computing has its share of advantages it also has its share of disadvantages. And the greatest disadvantage of all especially in the case of public cloud is the lack of security. When enterprises move their computing environments along with their identities, information and infrastructure to the cloud, they must give up some level of control. But for that to happen there is the need of trust in the cloud systems and the providers. This can be possible only if the cloud computing providers are able to invoke a sense of trust in the enterprise. Hence, it is imperative that in today’s highly complex and competitive environment, enterprises collaborate with those service providers who provide public cloud computing services securely.

EITAGlobal to host webinar on “The BIAN Service Landscape: An Architectural Overview”

The emergence of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is being hailed as an important new development in the banking industry. BIAN is defining a standardized service-oriented architecture for banking. This is particularly relevant when we consider that the banking industry is notable for its heavy reliance on banks’ own, “in-house” IT resources to develop and maintain enterprise software applications. Also, it is generally true that banks invest less on software development compared to what they would on their core expertise.
In this scenario, BIAN is a kind of new paradigm, because it is developing standards to facilitate interoperability among heterogeneous software components within a bank’s application landscape. BIAN’s approach to standardization is somewhat unusual in that it focuses on semantic interoperability and not on defining technical wire-level interoperability formats. After considerable evolution and debate, BIAN’s founders decided that BIAN’s service specifications should be at the level of the business semantics, and that technical service specifications, such as wire-level XML or REST formats, would be out of scope for BIAN.
This webinar will give participants an architectural understanding of BIAN’s approach to standardization and how it realizes the organization’s commitment to focus on business semantics. It will help them be better equipped to assess the importance of BIAN to their work.

When: November 7, 10:00 AM PDT | 01:00 PM EDT

By whom:
David Frankel has over 30 years of experience as a programmer, architect, and technical strategist. He is recognized as a pioneer and international authority on the subject of model-driven systems and semantic information modeling. He has a wealth of experience driving companies and industry at large to successfully adopt strategic technologies.

He has a reputation for facilitating collaboration that, along with his strong technical expertise, has led him to co-author a number of important industry software standards, including UML®, ISO 20022, BIAN, and the XBRL Abstract Model. He served terms as an elected member of the Object Management Group’s Architecture Board and Board of Directors.

The IT domains in which he has expertise include data integration, domain-specific languages, enterprise architecture, model-driven systems, semantic information modeling, semantic interoperability, service-oriented architecture, and software product lines. The business domains in which he has applied his technical expertise in recent years include financial services, ERP financials, and business reporting.

For whom:
The webinar will benefit
o Chief Architects
o Enterprise Architects
o SOA Project Leaders
o Senior Developers
o Business Analysts
o Business Architects

Duration: 90 minutes

To enroll for this webinar, contact
Ph: 800-447-9407
Fax: 302-288-6884

To enroll for this webinar, contact
Ph: 800-447-9407
Fax: 302-288-6884

Network Pickup – Pickup Women And Get Dates On Facebook!


Network Pickup – Pickup Women And Get Dates On Facebook!
Network Pickup - Pickup Women And Get Dates On Facebook!
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Network Pickup – Pickup Women And Get Dates On Facebook!

New Abs Vsl, Done 0k On Cold Traffic In 13 Days!
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This New “23 Second Belly Shrinking Trick” Vsl Kills On 40+ Male & Female Traffic! We Hit ,000,000 In Sales Already (0,000 In The Last 13 Days) 150% Roi On Facebook Ads! This Offer Will Rise To The Top!
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Joomla!® 3 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide (2nd Edition) (Joomla! Press)

Joomla!® 3 Explained: Your Step-by-Step Guide (2nd Edition) (Joomla! Press)

Master Joomla! Hands-On, Step-by-Step, Using Easy, Practical Examples


Today, millions of websites rely on Joomla!–from personal sites to those of huge organizations like General Electric, Porsche, and the United Nations. Now, using Joomla! 3, you too can create websites that are mobile-ready, responsive, flexible, powerful, and secure–even if you’re an absolute beginner.


In Joomla!® 3 Explained, top Joomla! trainer Stephen Burge teaches you everything you need to know. Burge has taught thousands of Joomla! newcomers and thousands more who’ve experimented with Joomla! but haven’t mastered it yet. Nobody knows more about guiding you up the Joomla! learning curve.


You’ll master Joomla! 3 hands-on, through a complete case study, crystal-clear visuals, simple explanations, and on-target analogies, all extensively tested with real Joomla! beginners. Burge walks you through installing Joomla! 3, planning sites that are easy to use and manage, adding content, and incorporating powerful site features without programming. Finally, Burge shows you how to run your site securely and efficiently, no matter how big or popular it becomes!


List Price: $ 39.99 Price: $ 21.31

La Colaboración de negocios reúne a personas y Tecnología. Una verdadera colaboración empresarial reúne a las personas y la tecnología para aumentar la productividad y el rendimiento con el fin de obtener una ventaja competitiva.