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Apr 17

Banc of California Selects CallidusCloud Lead to Money suite to Optimize

Banc of California Selects CallidusCloud Lead to Money suite to Optimize
The SCORM-certified hosted training system does not require any resources or support from the IT department and can be launched in just minutes. About Banc of California, Inc. Since 1941, Banc of California, Inc. (bancofcal.com) through its banking …
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MEA's ElectricU Releases More Lineworker Courses
Courses are AICC and SCORM compliant. The ElectricU materials can be used to complement a utility's or contractor company's existing apprentice and journeyman training programs and provide updated, industry-consensus learning at a fraction of the cost …
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Calgary's Leara E-learning Inc. Unveils Next-Generation e-learning Interface
The Elevate5 interface displays an intuitive front-end for the learner and handles the SCORM-standard progress tracking, bookmarking and navigation features. The interface is adaptive so the content can be viewed on all mobile phones/tablets and also …
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Apr 17

VoxPixl Adds Voice to Photos Making Digital Memories More Personal and Easier to Find

Seattle (PRWEB) August 12, 2013

VoxPixl (http://www.voxpixl.com) announced the launch of its flagship iOS app, which combines pictures with voice captions to transform your photo library into a personal collection of digital memories. Available now for free in the iTunes App Store, users can easily capture the story behind any new or existing photo by simply recording an audio message from their iPhone or iPad. These story-telling photos are then saved to a personal profile on VoxPixl, and are privately stored in the cloud until the user decides to share them with others via social, text or email.

VoxPixl is different from other photo apps because it is specifically dedicated to help easily create, store and retrieve photos and stories from a private collection of digital memories in the cloud. No longer are special moments captured with a photo limited to vague text descriptions, keywords, or hashtags. With VoxPixl, the voice completes the picture and users can instantly retrieve their favorite digital memories by searching for any word mentioned in the recorded story. VoxPixl intuitively makes photos search-enabled by using Siri-like technology from Nuance Communications, Inc. to automatically transcribe these recordings. Now, digital memories can live on each time VoxPixl users or someone with whom they’ve shared the photo, listens to the story.

“It’s believed that the average person stores approximately 1,000 photos on their iPhone and a third of these photos are shared on social networks or saved to a cloud storage service,” said Adi Saric, a lead developer and founding team member of VoxPixl. “But the challenge people have isn’t sharing photos, but easily retrieving these memories when they want them. That’s why there’s VoxPixl.

Whether its immortalizing the guys’ trip to Las Vegas, family pictures with the newborn baby, or sharing Thanksgiving with Grandma whose voice you want to remember, with VoxPixl, users can add up to 30-seconds of personal commentary to any new or existing photo, and even make enhancements to the photo with basic editing tools. Once saved to a private VoxPixl profile, users can immediately retrieve a specific digital memory by typing in the first few letters of a word mentioned in the story recorded, or by simply scrolling through photos individually with text captions of the audio recording, or in a small photo-only tile format.

Watch how the VoxPixl app works at: http://www.voxpixl.com and then, begin building your private collection of digital memories today.

About VoxPixl

VoxPixl is a Seattle-based mobile technology startup that is using voice to transform our digital photos into a personal collection of digital memories stored in the cloud. In collaboration with local entrepreneurs and businesses including the mobile development team at Compusight, VoxPixl is dedicated to help people easily create, store and retrieve a lifetime of digital memories by combining photos and voice to tell a more compelling and personal story. For more information about VoxPixl, visit: voxpixl.com. Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwIRFwFRKos/.


VoxPixl and its respective logos are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of VoxPixl. Other products and company names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective owners.

Media Contacts:

Tina Qunell                                 

Rubii Media            

(206) 919-9652    


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Apr 17

[720p] EXO – O v e r d o s e 140415

[720p] EXO - O v e r d o s e 140415

No copyright infringement intended.
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Apr 17

Three Things to Know Before Evaluating Pentaho

In this short whiteboard session Wayne Johnson highlights three easy steps to successfully evaluate Pentaho.
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Apr 17

New Study from CFO Research:An Effective Compliance Function Helps Fatten Bottom Line

Boston, MA (PRWEB) April 16, 2014

A well-managed employment-related tax and payment compliance program can pay off in bottom-line results. So say more than half of the 152 senior finance and human resources executives who responded to an online survey conducted by CFO Research, in collaboration with ADP, a leading provider of human capital management services.

The ROI of employment-related tax and payment compliance has typically been viewed as too imprecise to be quantified, measured at best by the absence of fines, legal sanctions and lawsuits. But survey-takers, consisting of senior finance and human resources executives at U.S. companies with revenues of $ 100 million or more, recognize that effective compliance management can translate directly into improved operational efficiency, heightened employee productivity and enhanced profitability.

The full report, The Bottom Line: Highlighting the Benefits of Investing into an Employment-Related Tax and Payment Compliance Strategy, is now available for download at cfo.com/research. For an explanatory infographic, please go to http://www.adpcomplianceinsights.com/the-compliance-continuum/

More than half of survey respondents say they have seen tangible benefits to good management of employment-related tax and payment compliance in many areas, including wage payment processing (64%), employment verification and employment-related tax credits (56% each) and employment tax processing (52%). (See chart.) Intangible payoffs, as a majority of survey-takers say, include improvements in employee satisfaction (chosen by 70% of respondents), employee engagement (63%) and corporate brand and reputation (55%).

There is also a link between the effectiveness of a compliance function and how much interest executives take in it, the survey found. Two-thirds of those respondents who ranked employment-related tax and payment compliance activities as a top priority graded its performance with an “A” or “B.” Conversely, nearly half of senior finance and human resources executives who slapped their compliance effort with a “C” ranked it as either a “lower priority” or “no priority.”

Effective compliance processes can give employees the time and space they need to focus more on their jobs, helping to boost their productivity as well as helping to enable them to make other constructive changes to the business. Focusing on compliance also encourages teamwork and collaboration among employees and departments. As one respondent put it: “We have a committed team that knows what’s going on and is dedicated to ensuring all the right things are getting done.”

The payoff: More than half of finance executives surveyed say there are tangible benefits to good management of employment-related tax and payment compliance.

Compliance activity (% identifying tangible benefits)

Wage payments processing – (64%)

Employment verification – (56%)

Employment-related tax credits – (56%)

Employment tax processing – (52%)

Unemployment claims processing – (50%)

Health care reform reporting and employee communications – (48%)

W2 management – (41%)

Wage garnishment processing – (33%)

For Further Information:

CFO Research (cfo.com/research) is the research group at CFO Publishing LLC, which also produces CFO magazine, CFO.com, and CFO Conferences. The company is based in Boston.

Contact: David Owens, Editorial Director, Custom Content and Research, CFO Publishing, 617-790-3280, davidowens@cfo.com

About ADP

With more than $ 11 billion in revenues and more than 60 years of experience, ADP® serves approximately 620,000 clients in more than 125 countries. As one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing and human capital management solutions, ADP offers a wide range of human resource, payroll, talent management, tax and benefits administration solutions from a single source, and helps clients comply with regulatory and legislative changes, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA). ADP’s easy-to-use solutions for employers provide superior value to companies of all types and sizes. ADP is also a leading provider of integrated computing solutions to auto, truck, motorcycle, marine, recreational vehicle, and heavy equipment dealers throughout the world. For more information about ADP visit the company’s Web site at http://www.adp.com.

ADP and the ADP logo are registered trademarks of ADP, Inc. ADP SmartCompliance is a service mark of ADP, Inc. All other marks are the property of their respective owner(s).


Kira Lee Lakin

(909) 612-5007


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Apr 17

Latest Hybrid Cloud And IT As A Service Provider News

VMware Brings Disaster Recovery to the Cloud
The new disaster recovery solution from VMware, vCloud Hybrid Service Disaster Recovery, complements the vCloud services VMware has today. I'm not sure why existing vCloud customers wouldn't buy this. I think VMware should wrap the vCloud Hybrid …
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To Build Cloud-Services, Some Companies Adopt OpenStack
To Build Cloud-Services, Some Companies Adopt OpenStack. Program Becomes a Key ….. But John Gilmartin, a VMware vice president, said OpenStack has created opportunities for VMware to help its customers to build hybrid clouds. Some OpenStack …
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Dallas-based FireHost raises million in new capital
As retailers, financial services firms and health care providers work to secure consumer data and protect their brand, FireHost sees huge opportunities to become the market leader in providing secure cloud services, chief operating officer Jared Day …
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Apr 17

SAP Taps MindTouch for CeBIT In Hannover Germany

Hannover, Germany (PRWEB) March 11, 2014

MindTouch, the company that continues to transform how all businesses deliver customer success by revolutionizing the authoring, organizing and consumption of help knowledge, today announced that Aaron Rice, Chief Operating Officer, will be speaking with SAP at the CeBIT Conference on Friday, March 14 at 12:00 p.m.

Rice will be revealing some surprising new facts on how to turn customer support into a profit center. He also will be discussing how the MindTouch software combined with SAP® provides a self-improving customer support solution that:

●    Improves revenue by increasing organic site traffic

●    Provides customer intelligence that improves customer retention and the ability to upsell

●    Lowers customer support costs

●    Acts as a virtual sales engineer that accelerates users through the sales cycle

“We expect the use of MindTouch’s solution with our cloud solutions to help achieve a superior customer-service experience. This announcement supports our vision of guiding customers through the journey from prospect to promoter.” said Mercedes Ellison, Vice President, Global Cloud Ecosystem & Channels, SuccessFactors, an SAP company when announcing the SAP and MindTouch partnership.

Rice, a recognized thought leader in knowledge-centered customer support, leads operations, which includes customer service, at MindTouch. As a certified chartered accountant, he brings a unique perspective of return-on-investment as related to customer service and support efforts.

Please enjoy this riveting video produced by SAP for more information: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpaY9FYPxrU

CeBIT is being held in Hannover, Germany on March 10-14, 2014. For more information, visit http://www.cebit.de/home.

About MindTouch

MindTouch leads the way in providing the ultimate product support experience for users and customer service agents using a collaborative, self-service platform. The multi-channel solution allows clients to track and analyze customer needs and behavior in order to provide knowledge faster. MindTouch continues to create great customer experiences that increase customer retention, and reinforce your company’s brand image. MindTouch serves millions of users daily. For more information, visit http://www.mindtouch.com.


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Apr 17

★ How to Increase Website Traffic in 2013! Web Traffic Building Ways!

Learn how to increase Traffic for your Website ▻ http://www.WebFire.com/a/?id=11132 ◅- Get more Quality leads and make more Sales http://www.WebsiteTrafficAn…
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Learn how to increase traffic for your website at http://www.HowToIncreaseWebsiteTraffic.info and get more quality leads and make more sales. Learn the power…
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Apr 16

Stock Quotes

Have you ever observed the Stock dealer’s screen having market operators glued to it with anxious, anticipating glances? The screen shows rows of figures in a dynamic state, changing instantaneously. Now, to analyze these figures closely, let’s go back to the definition of “market”. A market is a place where the sellers of a product (or service) and its buyers converge. The market forces of demand and supply determine the price at which the trades are affected i.e. the price at which the sellers are willing to sell the product and the buyers are willing to buy the product.

Similarly, the Stock Market is the place where the sellers and buyers of shares of companies trade and the same forces of demand and supply determine the price of trade. The share market provides an electronic platform, unlike the normal markets where the buyers and sellers are known. The orders are placed and executed electronically through a stock exchange which gives its dealers electronic platforms to place bids to buy and sell. The stock exchange server maintains an order book for all the orders that its members place (whether buy or sell). The software determines the price of a stock based upon the demand and supply. Here is a simplistic example of how this is achieved. The stock of Company A is currently trading at $ 30.7800.

Buy orders Sell Orders

Shares Price Shares Price

600 30.800 800 30.7800

400 30.775 700 30.775

It can be seen above that the buy orders at this price (demand) is 600 shares while sell order (supply) is 800 shares. As supply is more than demand, therefore the price of the stock would fall. In this case, the next lower order is at 30.775.So the next instant price would be 30.775.

It must be noted that the order book is in a dynamic state and contains all the orders of the members. This is the microscopic view of changing demand and supply and corresponding prices of the stock. This is a very fast process almost taking fraction of seconds. In the real life, it is hard to make out such interaction and supply and the “stock quote” at any instant gives the price of any stock at any given time.

The price, volume and other details comprise the Stock quotes at that instant if the market is open or closing price if the market is closed. The other accompanied details apart from price are

Volume – The total number of shares traded
Closing price – The Previous Closing price.

There are other details as well. Let’s see a typical example of stock quote of Microsoft Corporation as on 19/06/2009

Last Trade – 24.07
Trade time – 4.00pm
Close – up 0.57 (up2.43 percent)
Previous close – 23.50
Day’s Range – 23.75-24.34
52wk Range – 14.87-28.92
Volume – 115,458,922

There are many websites that also give other parameters like EPS (earning per share) P/E price earning ratios etc. These data help to make competitive analysis of stock with respect to its past performance, stock of companies engaged in similar business and with respect to the main indices of the market.

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